The SL Boosters are pleased to announce a New Members Meeting Concept & Format. We are changing our agenda to include a combined meeting with the SLHS Administration, Parent Groups, and Student Groups. This new format will give each group time to update parents about the different items and programs that each group is planning for the coming weeks.
The Format is as Follows:
6:00PM to 6:30PM - SLHS Administration Presentations, they will give a breif overview on what is happening at SLHS.
6:30PM to 7:15PM - Parent & Student Group Presentations, each group will have about 10 minutes to update parents on their plans.
7:30PM to 8:30PM - SL Boosters, PTSA, and/or Music Booster Break Out Sessions, this will allow the individual groups to separate meetings to handle their individual parent business meetings.
The group meetings from 6:00PM to 7:15 will be held in the SLHS Library.
The Break Out Sessions will be held in the SLHS Library for the SL Boosters and the Principles Conference Room for PTSA.
We welcome our members to attend any and all the different presentations and meetings. Our hope for this New Format is to allow better communication for our membership and all Parents and Students at SLHS.
PJ Rosendahl
President - SL Boosters