Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the 3rd ranked Valor Christians Eagles (12-3 6-0) in the Swamp on 10/13/17.

In the Freshman match, the Eagles start strong 4-10, but the Gators rallied with a 8 point run with a Vivian Cabajal ace and kills by Erin SchwaningerJamie Boese-Rhinesmith, and Cabajal to make it 12-10. After a pair of Eagle aces and a lead switch, Boese-Rhinesmith got an ace to regain the lead. A 5 point Gator run including a pair of Tanie Guzman aces made it 19-14. The Eagles clawed back to a 20-20 tie, but the Gators rallied with a pair of Victoria VanDyke aces, and Rae Tasco-Thompson sealed the set win 25-20 with a well-placed freeball kill. In the 2nd set, the Eagles went ahead with a quintet of aces 4-9. Tomiko Tawara stopped the run with a freeball kill. Boese-Rhinesmith added a tip kill, but the Eagles pulled ahead 5-13. Tasco-Thompson and Tawara served aces to close it 9-14. Boese-Rhinesmith stopped another 3 point Eagle run with a block kill, but closed out the set 11-25In the 3rd set, the Gators kept edging slightly ahead 3-1, 6-2, 7-3, 9-7, and 11-8 on a VanDyke ace, a Boese-Rhinesmith kill, and a great Aaliya Luna dig leading to a VanDyke kill before the Eagles got a 4 point run keyed by 3 aces to take a 11-12 lead.

Freshmen Valor 2017 3 Jaimie kill small

(Jamie Boese-Rhinesmith gets a tip kill.)

Tanie Guzman freeball kill stopped the run. It was tight as the game got to 14-14, but a Eagle sideout and ace ended the set 14-16The Gators' record goes to 10-5, 5-2


In the Level III match, the surged to a 9-4 lead (mirroring the Freshmen match start).  The Eagles pecked away at the Gator lead until they got a 9 point run to take a 11-16 lead. An Isabella Misegadis kill stopped the run, and a pair of Maria Tersigni aces made it 14-16. The Eagles responded with a 6 point run keyed by 3 aces making it 14-22. Katie Demink stopped the run with a kill and added another kill, but the deficit proved too much and the Eagles took the 1st set 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators got a Hayley Hitchcock kill, an Isabella Misegadis backrow kill, a Ravan Hammack kill, a pair of Evelynn Brackney aces, and a Hitchcock kill to get it to 9-10. Then a run of 4 Maria Tersigni aces got the Gator faithful riled up, but the Eagles tied it up 13-13.

Level III Valor 2017 1 Maria ace small

(Maria Tersigni serves one of her 4 aces in a row!)

The set got to 19-19 with another Demink ace and a terrific Alyssa LeBeck dig. Ravan Hammack stopped a 2 point Eagle run with another kill. An Eagle service error made it 20-22, but the Gators couldn't hold serve, and the Eagles got a 3 point run to end it 21-25The Gators'record goes to 8-8 (4-4).


In the JV match, the Gators battled taking an early 5-3 lead with a Jamie Torbet ace. A 5 point Eagle run flipped the lead 7-11. The Gators fought back and kept digging Eagle attacks as exemplified by a terrific Collen Gill dig, but the Eagles offense kept the Gators in dig mode, the Eagles dug most of the Gator attacks, and the 1st set ended 17-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators took early 6-4 and 7-5 lead on a Sydney Schmelzer ace and Faith Nightingale kill.

JV Valor 2017 1 Faith kill small

(Faith Nightingale gets a kill.)

Then the Eagles ran off a 14 point run to make it 7-19 and finished the set 11-25The Gators' record goes to1-11 (0-7).

In the Varsity match, the Gators pulled out to a 3-0 lead with a pair of Dani Powell aces. The Eagles responded with an 8 point run to make it 5-12. Erin Paik got an ace to make it 7-12. A Lauren Willihnganz kill got it to 9-15 before the Eagles soared for another 8 point run despite a pair of terrific Powell saves. Finally a Willihnganz tip kill stopped the run, but the 1st set ended 10-25. In the 2nd set, the Eagles took a 0-3 lead despite some great digs by senior Raeanne Rothgery, senior Jaimie Zimmerman, and senior Zoe Ryan Terra. A Powell dump kill stopped the run, and then the Gators got crowd buzzing with a 6 point run with 2 Powell aces and a pair of senior Gigi Tucker kills.

Varsity Valor 2017 1 Gigi kill small

(Gigi Tucker nails another kill.)

Senior Cammy Schmelzer really got her team and the Gator faithful going with a trio of aces keying a 5 point Gator run to make it 12-6 and triggering an Eagle timeout. A Jasmine Cummings kill and senior Ryan Terra ace raised the volume in the Swamp to an electric level as the lead increased to 17-9. Another 3 point run keyed by a Cummings ace made it 20-12 forcing the Eagles to take another timeout.

Varsity Valor 2017 2 Jasmine ace small

(Jasmine Cummings rallies the Gators with an ace.)

The Gators' play seemed very focused as exemplfied in a great senior Tucker dig and tip. A sweet downline senior Zimmerman kill really got the Swamp shaking making it 22-16. A pair of double hits on the Gators helped the Eagles tie it 24-24. Then another sweet senior Ryan Terra kill got it to set point. Some well-placed shots led to a pair of Eagle mishits and the Gators took the set 27-25. Apparently, we were told later than this was the 1st set taken by a league opponent for the Eagles this season! In the 3rd set, the Gators got an early 2-1 on a Willihnganz kill, but a Gator injury led to a 4 and 9 runs by the Eagles. Despite a great senior Ryan Terra dig and a terrific senior Zimmerman save, the set ended 6-25. In the 4th set, the Gators got an early 3-2 lead with another Willihnganz kill before the Eagles got 4 and 7 point runs. A great senior Ryan Terra backrow kill got it to 6-17. Another senior Ryan Terra backrow kill made it 7-20. A terrific senior Schmelzer save wasn't enough to hold off the Eagles as they finished the 4th set 8-25. In the match, the 2nd set may have been the set in which the Gators finally realized their potential for the season. The Gators' record goes to 5-11 (1-7).


The Maxprep information can be found here.

Next up is the Golden Demons away Thurs. Oct 19. Then it is the Wheat Ridge Farmers away on Tues. Oct. 24 and home for the Littleton Lions on Thurs. Oct 26

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Littleton Lions away on 10/13/17.

In the Freshman match, the match was played in an auxillary gym. The Lions jumped out early to 3-6, 6-11, and 8-14 leads despite good Gators plays like Tomiko Tawara's freeball kill. Erin Schwaninger got an ace and Aaliya Luna got a dig kill to get the Gators closer 11-14. An odd serve that was caught by a Lion resulted in a replay contrary to CHSAA rules. A Jamie Boese-Rhinesmith block kill got the Gators to 13-16. A Victoria VanDyke freeball kill helped get the Gators to 18-19, but a trio of Lion aces closed out the 1st set 19-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators came out strong taking 6-1, 12-4, and 14-9 leads with a Boese-Rhinesmith ace and Schwaninger kill.

Freshmen Littleton 2017 1 Erin kill small

(Erin Swaninger gets a kill.)

VanDyke block kill made it 17-10. The Lions came back to close it 20-17 on a quartet of aces despite another well-placed Tawara freeball kill. The Gators responded with another Victoria VanDyke block kill and kill to take the 2nd set 25-20. In the 3rd set, the Gators kept their momentum going and won 15-9. The Gators' record reaches double digit wins at 10-4, 5-1. Congrats!

In the Level III match, the Lions got the early edge 6-9 and 7-10 with multiple aces. Then the Gators responded with a Jacquelyn Jankovsky, kill and a pair of Ravan Hammack aces to take the lead 11-10. A pair of Lion aces and a 5 point run got the Lions ahead 11-15. An Isabella Misegadis kill and 3 Maria Tersigni aces got the Gators a 16-15 lead. The Lions timeout didn't stop Tersigni as she followed with another pair of aces, and Hayley Hitchcock added a kill for a 9 point Gator run. Alyssa LeBeck sealed the deal with a 3 ace run to get the 1st set 25-17. In the 2nd set, the Lions pulled out to a 1-9 lead. A Katie Demink kill and Tersigni backrow kill and ace got the Gators back in it 9-15. Steady Gator play kept the Gators in it until they got a 8 point run on another LeBeck ace, a Demink quartet of aces, and a LeBeck backrow kill to get the 21-19 lead.

Level III Littleton 2017 2 Katie ace small

(Katie Demink serves annother ace!)

A nice Tersigni dig kill squashed the Lion comeback, and the Gators got a 4 point run to take the set 25-20The Gators'record improves to 8-7 (4-3).

In the JV match, the Gators pulled out to an earliy 5-1 lead on a Tiana LeBeck ace and Ari Walker kill. The Lions chipped away to make it 10-9 until a LeBeck freeball kill. Another interesting call to allow a service after the Lion player tossed it and touched it before the ball hit the ground which was followed with a reserve (contrary to CHSAA rules) and a Gator injury led to a 13-13 tie. The Gators got a 4 point run with Walker serving. The Gators made it 19-14 after a terrific Colleen Gill dig, but the Lions rattled off a 8 point run to make it 20-24 and took the 1st set 22-25. In the 2nd set, the scores see-sawed to 9-9 with a Ravan Hammack kill, a Sydney Schmelzer kill, a Walker kill, LeBeck kills, and a Jamie Torbet ace. Another terrific Colleen Gill dig stopped a 4 point Lion run. The Gators inspired play got a 5 point run to retake the lead 17-15 with another Walker kill and Solana Brito block kill. Another Faith Nightingale kill made it 19-17, but the Lions responded with a 4 point run.

JV Littleton 2017 1 Faith kill small

(Faith Nightingale gets a kill.)

The Gators tied it with a Maria Tersigni ace. The Gators pulled ahead 23-22 before a double call got the Lions a sideout. The Lions got to match point before Walker got a clutch kill to tie it 24-24. A Lions service error kept the Gators alive. A LeBeck freeball kill made it 26-25 before a Gator service error, but the Gators would not be denied as they rallied to take the 2nd set 28-26. With the gym abuzz in Gator energy, the team pulled out to a 5-2 lead in the 3rd set. The Lions tied it 7-7 despite a Hammack kill and another Torbet ace. A Tersigni ace made it 10-7, but the Lions surged with a 4 point run. A Gator sideout and a Gill ace made it 13-12, but the Lions took advantage of home court and pulled off a 3 point run to close the 2nd set 13-15 and take the match. Oh, so close! The Gators' record goes to1-10 (0-6).

In the Varsity match, the Lions pulled ahead early 2-4 despite a Lauren Willihnganz kill, but Zoe Ryan Terra sparked a a 7 point with a kill and terrific dig to make it 9-4. Despite brief runs, the Gators' solid play with a great save off the net by Jasmine Cummings, another Ryan Terra kill, a terrific Ariana Elliot dig, a Willihnganz backrow kill, a Cummings kill, and an Erin Paik ace made it 24-16 and then 25-18 for the 1st set. In the 2nd set, the Gators took it to the Lions earlier taking a 6-1 lead with a Raeanne Rothgery tip kill, Willihnganz kill, Dani Powell ace, and Willihnganz tip kill. A 5 point Lion run tied it 9-9. Despite a Cummings kill, the Lions took a 11-12 lead before a pair of Willihnganz kills, Cummings ace, and Powell ace got the Gators a 17-13 lead. Strong Gator play with a pair of Willihnganz kills and an ace and backrow kil by Paik made it 24-16 again, and the Gators took the 2nd set with another Cummings kill 25-17. In the 3rd set, the Gators played with their lineup which seemed to lead to a Lions 4-8 lead despite a nice Ryan Terra tip kill.

Varsity Littleton 2017 3 Gigi small

(Gigi Tucker attacks.)

Perhaps out of sync, the Gators couldn't seem to muster a sustained attack despite another Powell ace, and the Lions got a 8-18 lead with a 6 point run. A Ryan Terra kill and a pair of Paik aces weren't enough as the Lions took the 3rd set 15-25. An edgy Gator crowd seem to fidget as the Lions got a 3-6 despite a Ryan Terra and Cummings kills. Finally the Gators got a 5 point run to retake the lead. The Lions tied between Ryan Terra kills. The Lions surged to make it 10-14 despite a Willihnganz kill. Then the Gators mounted a 9 point run with a sweet Ari Walker/Willihnganz combo block kill, a Powell ace, a Willihnganz kill, and an inspired Elliot kill making it 19-14. The Lions would not go easily as they closed to 20-17 before another Ryan Terra kill. Nervous time again, the Lions closed to 22-21 before the Gators ended the suspense with a 25-21 4th set win. The Gators' record improves to 5-10 (1-5)

The Maxprep information can be found here.

Next up is Valor Christian (12-3, 6-0) in the Swamp for the Senior Night. Then it is likely a 3 team conference sectional. 

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Evegreen Cougars away on 10/10/17.

In the Freshman match, the match stayed close as the Gators battled getting it to 14-13. The Cougars ran off a 9 point run. The Gators closed to 16-19. The Cougars looked to close it as they made it 19-23, but the Gators rallied with Taylor Freson serving. A Cougar rotation error and a Gator freeball kill led to a timeout 22-23. Freson nailed a pair of aces, and the Cougars were called for a net to end it 25-23. In the 2nd set, the Gators jumped ahead 3-0 on a Freson block kill. The Cougars tied it 7-7 and took a 8-12 lead on a Gator rotation error. Jamie Boese-Rhinesmith sparked a 4 point run including an ace to tie it, and the Gators took a 14-12 lead with a Victoria VanDyke kill.

Freshmen Evergreen 2017 1 Jaimie serve small

(Jamie Boese-Rhinesmith serves an ace.)

After a 3 point Cougar run, the Gators retook the lead 19-15 on a Erin Schwaninger block kill and a pair of VanDyke kills. The Cougars closed with a pair of points, and the Gators surged to a 22-17 lead on a Rae Tasco-Thompson tip kill. The Cougars battled back to tie it 22-22 with an ace. The Cougars got it to 23-24 with an ace. The Gators got it to match point 26-25 with a Tomiko Tawara ace, but Cougars rallied with a 3 point run including an ace to take the set 26-28. In the 3rd set, the Cougars jumped out to a 1-4 lead with an ace despite an Aaliya Luna kill.  Luna stopped the run with another kill, and the Gators retook the lead 5-4 with a VanDyke freeball kill. A pair of Vivian Cabajal kills, a VanDyke ace, and a Boese-Rhinesmith. block kill made it 9-7. The Cougars got a 5 point run to take the lead 9-12 with an ace and a double call. The Gators closed to 11-12 and tied it 14-14 on a Cougar double and a Tanie Guzman ace. A Gator rotation error gave the Cougars a sideout. A Cougar service error and Schwaninger ace made it 16-15. With some confusion, the Gators wound up having a Cabajal kill negated by a Gator rotation error. The Cougars pounced on the confusion and took the 3rd set 17-19 and the match. The Gators' record goes to 9-4, 4-1.

In the Level III match, the Cougars kept edging ahead widening the lead until it was 11-18 and then 14-21. The Gators pulled to 17-21 with an ace by Maria Tersigni, but the Cougars closed out the 1st set 19-25In the 2nd set, the Gators got the early 5-2 with a pair of Elena Martinez kills.

Level III Evergreen 2017 1 Ravan serve small

(Ravan Hammack serves.)

The Cougars got a 5 point run stopped by an Alyssa LeBeck dig kill. The Gators retook the lead 13-9 with kills by Jacquelyn JankovskyHayley Hitchcock, and an ace by Tersigni. The Cougars tied it 14-14 and 18-18 despite a Hitchcock kill and ace and took the lead 18-20. A Gator timeout helped reenergize the team and the Gators got a sideout. An Alyssa LeBeck freeball kill kept the Gators close 20-21, but the Cougars closed out the 2nd set 21-25 to take the match. The Gators'record goes to 7-7 (3-3).

In the JV match, the Gators took an early 6-4 lead with a Maria Tersigni kill, but the Cougars rattled off a 6 point run. Another 7 point run with 3 Cougar aces made it 7-17. A Sean Rumley kill stopped the run. Good Gator effort including nice saves by Colleen Gill and Solana Brito weren't enough to close the gap, and the Cougars took the 1st set 10-25. In the 2nd set, the the Cougars got a 5 point run after a Tiana LeBeck kill to make it 2-8. Kills by Sydney Schmelzer and Tiana LeBeck and an ace by Brito weren't enough to close the gap as the Cougars made it 7-13 and 8-18 before a Cougar came under the net to knock Rumley out of the match.

JV Evergreen 2017 2 Faith attack small

(Faith Nightingale attacks.)

Shortly later, the 2nd set ended 11-25The Gators' record goes to1-9 (0-5).

In the Varsity match, the Gators faced a tough task facing a team with 3 Division I signees. Yet the Gators got out to a 6-3 lead with Ariana Elliot and Zoe Ryan Terra kills, but the Cougars retook the lead witha  7 point run. The Gators rallied with a pair of aces by Jasmine Cummings to make it 13-16. A 4 point Cougar run turned the tides and the 1st set ended 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators started flat, and the Cougars got 6 aces to make it 2-13. The Gators responded with a Dani Powell kill, terrific Cummings block kill, and a Lauren Willihnganz kill to rally the Gator faithful.

Varsity Evergreen 2017 4 Lauren attack small

(Lauren Willihnganz gets a kill to rally the Gators.)

Another Gator surge with another Willihnganz kill, Ryan Terra ace, Powell kill, and Willihnganz tip kill closed the gap 11-14. Some strong teamwork and smart plays turned the tables as the Gators got a 21-18 lead with a pair of Willihnganz aces. A Cougar timeout, sideout, and a pair of blistering kills gave the Cougars a 21-22 lead. The Gators tied it 22-2, but the Cougars prevailed 22-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators got an early 3-1 lead with a Willihnganz kill and a great Raeanne Rothgery dig, but the Cougars snarled back with a 6 point run stopped by a Ryan Terra backrow kill. Another Ryan Terra kill and a Elliot block kill helped tie the score 10-10. The Cougars pounced with a 5 point run. A Ryan Terra kill and another terrific Cummings block kill made it 12-15. A Cummings kill stopped a 4 point Cougar run. A Willihnganz kill made it 14-19. An Elliot kill stopped another 3 point Cougar run, but the deficit proved too much and the match ended with a 16-25 3rd set score. The Gators' record goes to 4-10 (0-5). The Maxprep information can be found here.


Next up is Littleton (4-10, 0-5) away on Friday 10/13/17.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the 2nd ranked D'Evelyn Jaguars in the Swamp on 10/5/17.

In the Freshman match, the match see-sawed to a 8-8 tie with aces by Taylor Freson and Tanie Guzman. Then the Gators went on an 8 point run with kills by Alexandria Flores, Alex Bisecka-Gomez, and Rae Tasco-Thompson and an ace by Erin Schwaninger. With good court coverage, the Gators got another 7 point run to close out the 1st set with a trio of aces by Tomiko Tawara 25-14.

Freshman DEvelyn 2017 1 Tomiko ace small

(Tomiko Tawara aces another to end the 1st set.)

In the 2nd set, the Gators gradually ratched up a lead 5-3, 9-5, 12-6, 15-8, and 18-11 with aces by Victoria VanDyke, Tawara, Aaliya Luna, kills by Tawara, Schwaninger, and Taylor Freson. Again great court coverage and teamwork kept the Gators rolling, and Tawara closed it out with a pair of aces to end it 25-15. The Gators' record improves to 9-3, 4-0.

In the Level III match, the match see-sawed to 12-12 with kills by Hayley Hitchcock and aces by Hayley HitchcockRavan Hammack, and Maria Tersigni. Then the Gators pulled ahead with a 5 point run with another Hitchcock kill, pair of Katie Demink kills, Hammack kill, and an ace by Alyssa LeBeck to make it 19-15. The Gators closed out the 1st set on a 3 point run ending with an ace by Hammack to take the 1st set 25-19.  In the 2nd set, the scores see-sawed a bit to 14-14, but that was with a 4 point Jaguar run and a 6 point Gator run with a nice block kill by Hitchcock, kills and an ace by Demink, a Jacquelyn Jankovsky kill, and a trio of Elena Martinez kills.

Level III DEvelyn 2017 Jacquelyn attack small

(Jacquelyn Jankovsky gets a kill.)

Then the Jaguars pulled ahead with a 4 point run including 2 aces. Martinez stopped the run with a kill. The Gators closed it to 16-18 and 18-21, but the Jaguars closed out the set with a 4 point run to end the 2nd 18-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators kept edging ahead 4-2, 5-3, 8-4, 10-7, and 12-8 with a Demink block kill, Hitchcock ace, Demink kill, Jankovsky kill, and a pair of Maria Tersigni digs and save leading to an energizing Demink kill. With the renewed energy, the Gators closed it out with an Alyssa LeBeck kill and 2 point rally to end it 15-11The Gators'record improves to 7-6 (3-2).

In the JV match, after an early 3-2 Gator lead with a Sean Rumley kill, the Jaguars ratcheted up leads 3-8, 6-10, 8-14, and 9-17 despite kills by Ari Walker and Rumley and ace by Tiana LeBeck.

JV DEvelyn 2017 1 Sean attack small

(Sydney Schmelzer gets a kill.)

The Gators closed to 15-19 with scrappy play and a block kill by Ari Walker and kill by Sydney Schmelzer, but the Jaguars closed with a 6 point run to end the 1st set 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Jaguars got 4, 5, and 3 point runs to make it 3-12. The Gators kept scrapping as exemplified by a Tiana LeBeck save and attacks by Schmelzer and Walker, but the Jaguars kept digging successfully. A nice Samantha Trujillo kill made it 7-17. Another Trujillo kill ended a 4 point Jaguar run. A sweet Colleen Gill dig and another Trujillo kill got it to 11-23, but the Jaguars prevailed 12-25The Gators' record goes to1-8 (0-4).

In the Varsity match, the Gators faced a tough task and tied it 4-4 with a Raeanne Rothgery kill and a Lauren Willihnganz ace. Then the Jaguars pulled off a 12 point run finding small seams in the Gator defense.

Varsity DEvelyn 2017 1 Zoe BR attack small

(Zoe Ryan Terra's backrow attack.)

Despite another Willihnganz kill and Dani Powell ace, the Jaguars took the 1st set 10-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators 2-0 lead was followed by 5 and 4 point Jaguar runs. A Zoe Ryan Terra kill got it to 6-12. A nice Rothgery tip kill, Jasmine Cummings kill, nice Erin Paik dig, and Willihnganz kill pulled the Gators to 9-13, but the Jaguars overpowered the Gators to take the 2nd set 12-25. In the 3rd set, again the Gators got a 2-0 lead with a Cummings block kill and a Willihnganz kill before the Jaguars buzzed off a 10 point run including 3 aces. A Willihnganz tip kill ended the run. A Jamie Zimmerman kill got it to 5-13. A trio of Jaguar aces aided a 4 point run stopped by a Ryan Terra tip kill. A Jaguar rotation error and Willihnganz kill made it 9-19. The Jaguars closed out the 3rd set and match 9-25The Gators' record goes to 4-9 (0-4). Interestingly, the site does not list their win over the Northglenn Norse, but their full record can be seen here.

Next up is Evergreen (9-5, 2-2) away on 10/10/17.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Green Mountain Rams in the Swamp on 10/3/17.

In the Freshman match, the Gators pulled out to a 7-1 lead sparked by a 4 point run including a pair of aces by Erin Schwaninger. The Rams closed to within 4 point, but another 7 point run with Tomiko Tawara, libero, serving an ace got it to 18-7. Another 6 point run with Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith serving a pair of aces and Victoria VanDyke getting a tip kill made it 24-8. A Ram service error ended it 25-10. In the 2nd set, the Rams got an early lead making it 4-6 before a Boese-Rhinesmith tip kill ended the run and sparked a 9 point run including 3 more aces by Tawara.

Freshmen Green Mt 2017 2 Tomiko serve small

(Tomiko Tawara aces another.)

Another Boese-Rhinesmith tip kill and a 3 point run made it 16-8. Schwaninger sparked another run with a kill, and Tanie Guzman served out the set and match with a 9 point run including an ace and a Tawara free ball kill to end it 25-10. The Gators' record improves to 8-3, 3-0.

In the Level III match, the match see-sawed  at 3-5, 8-5, 11-6, 13-15, and 14-16 with a kill by Hayley Hitchcock, a block kill by Ravan Hammack, and an Isabelle Misegadis kill. Then a pair of aces by the Rams got them a 6 point run, making it 15-22, and the 1st set ended 18-25. In the 2nd set, the scores see-sawed again 3-2, 5-6, 10-9, 13-9 with aces by Alyssa LeBeck, Hitchcock, Katie DeMink, a kills by Misegadis.

Level III Green Mt 2017 1 Hayley attack small

(Hayley Hitchcock attacks.)

Then the Rams went ahead 13-15. The Gators pulled ahead with a 8 point run  with Keiko Tawara serving a pair of aces and DeMink getting a kill. Interestingly the Rams called a 3rd timeout without consequence. A Hitchcock kill got the Gators refocused. A Maria Tersigni kill made it 24-17, and the Gators closed out the 2nd set 25-21. In the 3rd set, a pair of LeBeck aces, a great Hammack save, a Hitchcock block kill, and a Tawara aces got it to 10-10. Then the Rams pulled off a 4 point run before a Gator timeout, but the set ended 10-15The Gators'record goes to 6-6 (2-2).

In the JV match, the Gators kept the scores close getting it to 12-12 on a Solana Brito freeball kill, an Ari Walker kill, Jamie Torbet ace, a combo Sean Rumley/Walker block kill, and a Rumley kill.

JV Green Mt 2017 3 Walker kill small

(Ari Walker gets a kill.)

Then the Rams rattled off a 5 point run. The Gators responded with a 3 point run, but Rams kept ahead, despite a Walker kill, great Rumley save, and a DeMink tip kill, to take the 1st set 18-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators pulled ahead 5-0 sparked by another Rumley kill. The Rams tied it up. With Maria Tersigni serving an ace, the Gators got a 4 point run but were called for a net violation. Then Rams tied it. A Gator sideout made it 11-10, but a perplexing series of bounces got the Rams a 15 point run to end the set 11-25The Gators' record goes to1-7 (0-3) despite stretches of good Gator effort.


In the Varsity match, the Gators pulled ahead 7-4, 9-6, 11-7, and 19-12 on kills by Lauren WillihnganzAriana ElliotRaeanne Rothgery, and Zoe Ryan Terra, and a set of three great saves by Dani Powell, Jasmine Cummings, and Elliot, before a Rams timeout. Then Rams mounted a comeback to make it 20-19. The Rams coach called a timeout and complained to the referees about Gator fans that seemed to leave the Gators out of sorts. It was 20-22 before the Gators regained their focus for a sideout, but then a 3 point Rams run ended the 1st set 22-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators regained their edge and pulled out to a 8-5 lead on a pair of Willihnganz aces, a great Cummings block resulting in a Ryan Terra kill, an Elliot kill, and an Erin Paik ace.

Varsity Green Mt 2017 2 Zoe kill small

(Zoe Ryan Terra's kill.)

The Rams got a 7 point run and managed to retake the lead 12-14. THe Gators battled back with Willihnganz kills, Powell freeball kill, and an Elliot kill to make it 20-19. A Ryan Terra a kill and trio of aces got the Gators a well-deserved 25-21 2nd set win. In the 3rd set, the scores see-sawed to 14-14 with a Ryan Terra, backrow kill, Willihnganz ace and kill, Ryan Terra kills, and Cummings block kill and kill. Then the Rams got a 4 point run. Aces by Paik and Ryan Terra weren't enough, and the Rams took the 3rd set 18-25. In the 4th set, the Gators seemed to be off, as they fell behind 2-6 and 3-8 despite kills by Ryan Terra and Jamie Zimmerman and some terrific rallies, and then the Rams rattled off a 7 point run. Remaining off kilter, the Gators tried to spark a comeback with substitutions but were unable to recover even with a sweet Cummings kill and fell 10-25The Gators' record goes to 4-8 (0-3).

Next up is D'Evelyn on 10/3/17 in the Swamp.