Here is a recap of the start to the season for your SLHS Volleyball teams:


The season began with some changes. Ben Thompson took over as the Varsity team coach, and Julia Morgan took over for the JV team.


In the season opener, your Gators hosted the Conifer Lobos in the Swamp on 8/29/19 to a terrific and supportive crowd. 

The Freshmen team rallied for a 3 set win 23-25, 25-16, and 15-12 to the delight of our newest team members and returning coach and now program director Jessica Post.

The Level III battled but fell 19-25 and 18-25 for the new coach Angie Green.

The JV team started strong with a 25-7 1st set win, but the Lobos prevailed 21-25 and 9-15 to take the match.

The Varsity team rallied for 3 straight sets after a 1st set loss 16-25. They showed their determination to take a rousing 31-29 2nd set facing set point multiple times, and finished 25-18 and 25-14. They avenged their season opener loss from last year.


In the Varsity Tournament at Thorton HS  on 8/31/19, the Varsity Gators played:

The Wheat Ridge Farmers and won 25-10 and 25-21.

The Adams City Eagles and won 25-9, 25-9.

The Thornton Trojans and won 25-13 and 25-14.

Then, in the tournament championship match, your Gators battled Skyview Wolverines to a great 3 set match but fell 21-25, 25-23, and 9-15 to take 2nd place of 12 teams.


In the 2nd program match of the season at Northglenn HS on 9/3/19 in sweltering conditions:

The Freshmen team came out of the gates blazing to sweep 25-3 and 25-9.

The Level III bounced back for a 25-18, 25-12 sweep.

The JV team fought hard to take the 1st set 27-25 and then finished it off 25-19.

The Varsity team looked in sync as they won 25-19, 25-16, and 25-14.


In the Varsity Tournament at Thorton HS, your Gators took on:

The Prairie View Thunderhawks and won 25-17, 25-13.

Then the Lincoln Lancers and won 25-23, 25-17.

Then the Mountain Range Mustangs 25-19, 25-22.

In the Gold medal match, your Gators faced a tall and tough Thunder Ridge Grizzlies battling valiantly but fell 19-25, 20-25 to take 2nd of 12 teams.


In the 3rd program match, your Gators played Thornton Trojans on 9/10/19:

The Level III team showed their skills to win 25-5, 25-10. Their record goes to 2-1.

The JV team followed suit with a 25-10, 25-10 win. Their record goes to 2-1.

The Varsity team displayed good teamwork and won 25-4, 25-7, and 25-12 to get their record to 9-2.


Next up are the Freshmen tournament at Centaurus HS and Level III tournament at Evergreen HS on 9/14/19. Then the Gators host D'Evelyn HS on 9/19/19 at the Swamp. See you there!


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Your Standley Lake Lady Varsity Gators competed in the Golden HS tournament on 10/28/17.

The day started a bit off-kilter as the coaches' Starbucks coffee order came with cayenne pepper to throw a wrinkle in the start. In the 1st match, the Gators faced the Mountain View Mountain Lions (13-6, 9-5) and kept it close until it was 12-13 with a Dani Powell ace, a Lauren Willihnganz kill, Zoe Ryan Terra kills, anAriana Elliot kill, a Jasmine Cummings tip kill, and an Elliot tip kill and block kill. A Mountain Lion ace and Gator under the net call aided a Mountain Lion 5 point run. A Cummings tip kill stopped the run, but another 6 point Mountiain Lion run, another Cummings tip kill, and a sideout ended it 15-25. In the 2nd set, The Gators got it to 6-7 before a 8 point Mountain Lion run with a pair of aces made it 7-17.

Mountain View Varsity 2017 attack small

(Lauren Willihnganz attacks.)

Cummings tip kill stopped the run, but another 8 point Mountain Lion run ended the set and match 8-25

In the 2nd match, the Gators faced the Skyline Falcons (0-19, 0-14). The match see-sawed back and forth to a 11-11 tie on a Ryan Terra kill, Cammy Schmelzer ace, and a Ryan Terra kill. A Cummings ace was followed by a pair of 4 point Falcon runs. A Gator 3 point run with a Willihnganz ace closed the gap. Another Gator 4 point run with a pair of Schmelzer aces, a great Willihnganz dig which led to an Elliot kill tied it up 20-20. A Ryan Terra kill and a 3 point Gator run with a Cummings tip kill and a great Erin Paik dig relieved the tension with a 25-22 1st set Gator win. In the 2nd set, a Willihnganz ace, a trio of Ryan Terra kills, and a Willihnganz tip kill helped get it to 11-10.

Skyline Varsity 201 Zoe 1 small

(Zoe Ryan Terra sparks her team with a kill.)

The Falcons rattled off a 5 point run to gain the advantage. A Willihnganz kill, a well-placed Jamie Zimmerman tip kill, and Paik ace closed the gap 16-17. A nice Schmelzer dig, a Ryan Terra ace, and a Willihnganz kill helped tie it 20-20. Then feisty rallies and a Willihnganz tip kill got it to 21-23 before a Ryan Terra kill and an Ari Walker ace ended it 25-23.

As a result of the pool play, the Gators played in the Silver bracket and faced the Mead Mavericks (5-16, 3-11). The 1st set stayed close to 16-14 with a Willihnganz kill, a Cummings tip kill, a Ryan Terra tip kill, a Willihnganz backrow kill, a Powell kill, a nice Ryan Terra dig, a Schmelzer ace, another Willihnganz kill, and a Paik dig/kill. Then the Mavericks got a 5 point run with a Gator double call and and an ace. The Gators battled with a Willihnganz kill and good digs by Willihnganz and Powell, but the Mavericks prevailed 20-25.

Mead Varsity 2017 Lauren small

(Lauren Willihnganz attacks.)

In the 2nd set, the Gators got a Ryan Terra backrow kill and another kill to trigger a 5 point Gator run with a Walker freeball kill and ace to start 6-3. A Ryan Terra kill, Powell tip kill, and a Cummings tip kill made it 11-6. A sweet Powell block kill, another nice Powell block, a Willihnganz kill, an Walker kill, a Cummings tip kill, and a strong Ryan Terra cross court kill kept the Gators ahead and they took the 2nd set 25-19. In the 3rd set, the Gators kept edging ahead 2-0, 6-5, 8-6, and 10-8 with a nice Ryan Terra dig followed by a Willihnganz kill, a Walker tip kill, great Powell dig off the net, a Elliott tip kill, Cummings tip kill, Ryan Terra kill, and Paik backrow kill until a Maverick 4 point run. The Gators tied it 12-12 with a Powell ace. Then a close play with the down ref initially signalling in on a Gator attack and the line judge seemingly not able to make a call perhaps not seeing the play. No conference between the refs followed which resulted in a replay call. Hmmm. A sideout ensued, and a Maverick point made it match point 12-14. The Gators responded with a Ryan Terra backrow kill, but the set and match ended with a Maverick point to make it 13-15.

In the final match of the season, the Gators got a rematch against the Littleton Lions (6-15, 1-9). The match started close with a Ryan Terra backrow kill and a Willihnganz ace, before a Ryan Terra block kill revved up the team. A Lions timeout wasn't enough to stop the 13 point Gator run with another Ryan Terra kill, Cummings block followed by a tip kill, another Cummings tip kill, two Schmelzer aces, another Ryan Terra kill, and a Powell dump kill to make it 17-5. With the lead, the Gators kept the Lions at bay with terrific blocks by Raeanne Rothgery and Ryan Terra. An Elliott kill sealed the 1st set win 25-14. In the 2nd set, the Lions took a 0-2 lead. A Gator sideout and a Powell ace tied it. A Lions sideout was followed by a 6 point Gator run on a Willihnganz kill, downball kill, and ace, a Zimmerman kill, and a terrific Willihnganz dig. After another Lions sideout, the Gators roared back with 5 point run powered by a Rothgery kill, a Schmelzer ace, a Gigi Tucker kill, and a trio of sweet saves by Schmelzer, Powell, and Zimmerman to make it 13-4. After a Lions sideout, the Gators got another 5 point run with a Tucker kill, terrific Schmelzer dig followed by a Cummings tip kill, and another Cummings tip kill making it 18-5. The Lions would not go easily as they battled back despite a nice Paik dig, and a Ryan Terra backrow kill to get it to 23-17. A Rothgery block kill and Schmelzer ace helped end the set, match, and season on a good note with a 2nd set 25-17 final score. With the result, the Gators' finished their regular season 8-15 (2-8) and 53rd in the state 4A rankings per Maxpreps and 7th in the JeffCo 4A league


The Maxprep information can be found here.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Littleton Lions (4-14,0-9) in the Swamp on 10/26/17.

In the Freshmen match, the Gators edged out to a 8-5 lead with a Tomiko Tawara ace, Aaliya Luna kill, and Victoria Van Dyke aces. Then the Gators surged to a 21-8 lead with a Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith kill and scrappy play. A Tawara freeball kill and a pair of Tanie Guzman aces ended the 1st set 25-10. In the 2nd set, the Lions pound out to a 4-8 lead with a 5 point run with 2 aces and another ace. The Gators answered with a Guzman ace, Tawara ace, and Vivian Cabajal kills, a Tawara freeball kill, and a Luna freeball kill to tie it 11-11. They surged ahead with another Tawara ace, Guzman dump kill, Rae Tasco-Thompson ace, and Boese-Rhinesmith tip kill to make it 20-14.

Freshmen Littleton 2 2017 2 Victoria attack small

(Victoria VanDyke attacks.)

A kill by Erin Schwaninger, a tip kill and freeball kill by Emma Malouff, and an Alexandria Flores kill got it to set and match point, and a Lions service error ended it 25-20. With the win, the Gators end their season 12-5, 7-2. Congratulations, team, on a gritty season!

In the Level III match, the Lions got a 4 point run stopped by a Katie Demink kill. Jacquelyn Jankovsky tied it with a kill 4-4. Then an Alyssa LeBeck freeball kill and 8 Demink aces got it to 17-5! A pair of Lion aces and a LeBeck kill and Evelynn Brackney ace made it 20-9. Another Jankovsky kill, a Ravan Hammack ace, a Hayley Hitchcock kill, and a Maria Tersigni freeball kill sealed the 1st set 25-10. In the 2nd set, the Lions got another 4 point run with 3 aces before the Gators' 5 point run on a Demink block kill and a LeBeck backrow kill. Then the Gators surged with a 6 point run on a Hammack kill, Jankovsky kill, a pair of Hitchcock aces, and another Jankovsky kill. A Hammack kill, a pair of Demink aces (9th & 10th of the match), and a Brackney backrow kill made it 19-12. Strong teamwork, a Demink kill, a Jamie Ladebue dig/kill, and a Lions double hit ended the 2nd set 25-18The Gators'record finishes 10-9 (6-5). Congratulations, team!

In the JV match, the Gators seemed more focused yet more relaxed to start as they pulled out to a 6-1 lead on a Sydney Schmelzer kill. A Jamie Torbet ace made it 10-3 before the Lions got a 5 point run. The Gators responded with a Samantha Trujillo kill, a great Demink dig which led to a Sean Rumley kill to make it 13-8. The Lions closed to 14-12 despite a Hayley Hitchcock kill. A 3 point Gator run with an Ari Walker kill gave the Gators breathing room 17-12. Another 3 point Gator run with another Walker kill despite a Lions timeout made it 20-13. The Lions clawed back despite a terrific one armed Colleen Gill dig and a Rumley backrow kill to get it to 23-21, but another Trujillo kill and a Lions net call ended it 25-21. The 2nd set began with a 5 point run with a trio of Tiana LeBeck aces. A Walker kill, a Faith Nightingale kill, and a Walker ace maintained the lead 9-4. Then The Gators got a 6 point run on an uplifting Trujillo kill, block kill, and kill sequence to make it 15-5. Another Trujillo kill and Solana Brito ace, and Walker kill got it to set and match point 24-13. A final Nightingale kill sealed the win for the Gators 25-14.

JV Littleton 2 2017 3 Faith kill small

(Faith Nightingale seals the win with a kill.)

The Gators' record finishes3-15 (2-10) in a season that seemed better than their record with good stretches.


In the Varsity match, the Gators started strong with a kill by Lauren Willihnganz, three by Zoe Ryan Terra, an ace by Erin Paik, an ace by Ryan Terra, and a tip kill and ace by Jasmine Cummings to make it 13-7. Kills by WillihnganzRyan Terra, and Cummings got it to 19-12 before a 7 point Lions run tied it up. A dump kill by Dani Powell stopped the run. Good passes and short sets helped the Lions tie it again 20-20, but the Gators efforts paid off as they took the 1st set 25-21. In the 2nd set, an early Lions surge required another Ryan Terra kill, dig/kill, and two more kills to tie it 7-7. With that inspired play, the Lions timeout wasn't enough to stop the 7 point Gator run including a pair of Paik aces and a Cummings tip kill. Another Ryan Terra kill, a pair of Willihnganz, kills, and a pair Cummings aces got the Gators a 17-10 lead. The Lions responded with 3 and 4 point runs to close it 18-17. Ryan Terra nailed another pair of kills to keep the Gators ahead 22-19.

Varsity Littleton 2 2017 1 Zoe small

(Zoe Ryan Terra rallies her team with a kill.)

A Lions service error and lift call got it to set point 24-20, and a Ryan Terra backrow kill sealed the 2nd set 25-21. In the 3rd set, the Lions passing improved allowing more short sets keeping them edging slightly ahead 3-5, 8-9, and 9-11 despite another pair of Ryan Terra kills and ace. With Powell serving, there was a remarkable rally with dig after Gator dig, but the Lions got the sideout, and that seemed to rev them up. A pair of Lions aces was stopped by a 5th service error making it 10-15. Kills by Ariana Elliot and Willihnganz weren't enough as the Lions got it to 14-23. A nice Paik dig and Powell dump kill made it 16-23, but the Lions took the 3rd set 18-25. Perhaps sniffing a first league victory, the Lions came out energized in the 4th set taking a 3-8 lead before a Willihnganz backrow kill sparked a 3 point Gator rally. A Cummings block kill helped tie the set 11-11. Then it see-sawed back and forth to 22-23 and 23-24 with a Willihnganz kill, a Raeanne Rothgery tip kill, a Willihnganz kill, a Ryan Terra kill, a Cummings tip kill, and a Willihnganz kill. With the set on the line, a non-call on a Lions double led to the Lions taking the 4th set 23-25. In the 5th set, the Lions got loud as they pounced to a 2-7 lead. A Ryan Terra block kill stopped the run, and an Elliot tip kill edged the Gators closer. A Ryan Terra kill kept the set in reach 6-9. A Lions service error and Powell ace got the Gators to 9-11 before a pair of Lions aces gave the Lions an upset and first league win 9-15The Gators' finished their regular season 6-13 (2-8) and 56th in the state 4A rankings per Maxpreps



The Maxprep information can be found here.

Next up is a tournament Sat. Oct 28 in Golden

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Wheat Ridge Farmers (7-14, 4-4) away on 10/24/17.

The Wheat Ridge Farmers do not carry a Freshman team, sadly.

In the Level III match, the Gators played well getting the game to 12-8. Then it was Maria Tersigni's turn to serve. In a season best run, the Gators got 6 aces from Tersigni in addition to a free ball kill and another kill by Alyssa LeBeck and a Hayley Hitchcock kill for a 13 point run to take the 1st set 25-8. Goodness! In the 2nd set, after Hitchcock got a kill, LeBeck started with a pair of aces.  A Jacquelyn Jankovsky kill and a Hitchcock ace preceded a 4 point Farmer run to tie it 5-5. Isabelle Misegadis got a kill, and Katie Demink got an ace to regain a Gator 9-5 lead.

Level III Wheat Ridge 2 2017 1 Isabelle kill small

(Isabelle Misegadis rallies her team with a kill.)

Steady Gator play, a pair of Tersigni aces, and a pair of LeBeck aces made it 17-11. After a Farmer sideout, the Gators got on another roll with a Ravan Hammack kill, Jankovsky kill, a pair of Hitchcock aces, and a Demink kill for a 6 point run and a 25-12 win.  Coach Emily Buchtel noted 8 of Maria Tersigni's serves were aces! The Gators'record improves to 9-9 (5-5).

In the JV match, the Farmers got an early 0-3 lead. Strong Farmer play made it 3-10 before Samantha Trujillo stopped the run with a freeball kill. A Solana Brito freeball kill, Farmer double hits, and an Ari Walker kill closed it a bit 9-14. Another Walker kill and a Sean Rumley freeball kill made it 13-17. Another Trujillo kill helped close the gap 16-20, but a 4 point Farmer run got it to set point. The Gators would not fold, and they battled back with a 6 point run with a trio of Brito aces and a Trujillo kill, but razor thin margin of error and a a service error ended it 22-25. In the 2nd set, something flipped in the Gators' mojo, and they took it to the Farmers with a Jamie Torbet freeball kill, Walker kill, Colleen Gill freeball kill, Sydney Schmelzer kill, a quartet of  Rumley aces, and a Faith Nightingale kill to make it 12-1! The Farmers responded with a pair of 3 point runs. Kills by Walker, Schmelzer, and Rumley and a block kill by Trujillo kept the lead comfortable 20-10. Kills by Nightingale and Trujillo sealed the 2nd set win 25-12.

JV Wheat Ridge 2 2017 1 Faith kill small

(Faith Nightingale gets a kill.)

In the 3rd set, the Farmers jumped out to a 5 point lead before Rumley got a kill. Another Farmer 3 point run made it 2-9. the large deficit proved too big in a first-to-15 point set despite kills by Trujillo, Brito, and Rumley, and the Farmers prevailed 7-15The Gators' record goes to2-14 (1-8).

In the Varsity match, the Gators took the early 2-0 lead with an Ariana Elliot tip kill, and then the Farmers tied it and took the lead with a 5 point run fueled by their strongest player #8 Allie Gammel. With Gator grit, the Gators battled back to 11-12 on a Lauren Willihnganz tip kill, Erin Paik backrow kill, and Dani Powell block kill. The Farmers responded with 4 and 3 point runs. The Gators closed to 17-20 with a Willihnganz ace, a Zoe Ryan Terra kill, and an Ari Walker block kill and kill. A service error and questionable net call made it 17-23. More Gator grit, good digs by Walker and Ryan Terra, and a Ryan Terra kill got to 19-23, but the Farmers took the 1st set 19-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators came out strong with a Powell kill, 3 Powell aces, and a Jamie Zimmerman kill to make it 6-0. A Raeanne Rothgery kill, Zimmerman kill, Ryan Terra kill, and Jasmine Cummings kill kept the Gators ahead 15-7.

Varsity Wheat Ridge 2 2017 3 Zoe kill good small

(Zoe Ryan Terra keeps the rally going with kill.)

The Gators needed a Paik dig/kill, Powell ace, and a Willihnganz ace to help keep the Gators ahead 20-15 despite a questionable call on a great Ryan Terra save that appeared to go over the net at a very difficult angle but was called over the antenna, and the Gators took the 2nd set 25-18. In the 3rd set, the Farmers kept edging ahead despite a pair of Willihnganz kills, great Cammy Schmelzer dig, Paik backrow kill, Cummings kills, great Powell dump kill, and a backrow Ryan Terra kill to get it to 12-19. A Zimmerman freeball kill and a Ryan Terra tip kill made it 14-20. Then a switch seemed to turn on, and the Gators went on a roll with a Ryan Terra ace, Willihnganz kill, Powell dump kill, Cummings kill, another Ryan Terra ace, great Willihnganz dig leading to a Powell kill, and a pair of Willihnganz kills for a 11 point run to take the 3rd set 25-20. In the 4th set, the Farmers kill. Deja vu, the Gators rallied with a 6 point run on an Elliot tip kill, Ryan Terra kill, and a Cummings kill to get it ot 11-12. The Farmers rattled off a 5 point run in turn. A Willihnganz kill, Paik backrow kill, Powell ace, and Rothgery kill made it 16-20 before a net call stopped the rally. Another Elliot kill and a terrific Schmelzer dig leading to a well-placed Powell freeball kill wasn't enough as the Farmers prevailed 20-25. In the 5th set (2nd of the year for Gators), Head coach Taylor Hillberry and assistant coach Kaylie Prince gathered the team for a pep talk. Then the Gators dug deep. A great Ryan Terra dig, a pair of Willihnganz kills, a Ryan Terra kill, and another terrific Ryan Terra dig made it 6-2. A Willihnganz kill stopped a 3 point Farmer run. A Paik ace, an amazing Willihnganz pancake dig, and a trio of Cummings aces led to a 13-8 Farmer timeout. Unthwarted, Cummings nailed her 4th ace in a row to make it match point! A Farmer sideout and a Ryan Terra tip kill ended the set and match 15-9The Gators' record improves to 6-12 (2-7). After the match, coaches Taylor Hillberry and Kaylie Prince praised the team for learning what it meant to have Gator Grit. Here's to Gator Grit!

The Maxprep information can be found here.

Next up is the Littleton Lions (4-14, 0-9) in the Swamp Thur. Oct 26. After that is a tournament Sat. Oct 28 in Golden

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Golden Demons (6-10, 2-5) away on 10/19/17.

In the Freshman match, the Gators continued their strong run and won the 1st set 25-20. They took the 2nd set 25-18 with great team play, good blocks by Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith, and great serves by Rae Tasco-Thompson. The Gators' record improves to 11-5, 6-2

In the Level III match, the Gators played a tight game, hustled, and fought but fell23-25. The 2nd set see-sawed back and forth keeping the Gator faithful on the edges of their seats. Katie Demink was noted by fellow players for her good attacks, but the Gators fell 26-28The Gators'record goes to 8-9 (4-5).

In the JV match, the Demons came out with a 7 point run to start. The Gators responded with a Hayley Hitchcock tip kill and nice Ari Walker dig and then a kill to make it 4-9. 7 and 5 point runs and good digs by the Demons got it to 6-24, and the 1st set ended 7-25.

JV Golden 2 2017 1 Ravan small

(Ravan Hammack attacks.)

In the 2nd set, the Demons started with a 6 point run, but the Gator responded with another Walker kill, Jaimie Torbet ace, Walker kill, and Sydney Schmelzer kill to make it 6-7. The Gators kept battling with another Schmelzer freeball kill and Torbet kill to get it to 12-14, but the Demons ran off another 4 point run stopped by a Hitchcock kill. Despite good Gator digs, the Demons took the 2nd set 15-25The Gators' record goes to1-12 (0-8).

In the Varsity match, the Gators tied it 3-3 with a good Lauren Willihnganz dig leading to a Ariana Elliot kill. A Demon 6 point run with a pair of aces was stopped by a  Zoe Ryan Terra kill to make it 4-11. Kills by Ryan TerraJasmine Cummings, and Erin Paik made it 8-13, but the Demons stopped the Gator atttack despite good digs by Ryan Terra and  Dani Powell and Willihnganz, Ryan Terra, and Elliot kills, and the 1st set ended 12-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators opened 2-0. The Demons got a 7 point run despite good digs by Paik and Raeanne Rothgery. A Jaimie Zimmerman kill and a Ryan Terra dig/kill got the Gators to 5-9. Kills by Cummings and a great combination Powell/Cummings  block kill made it 8-12. Kills by Zimmerman and Willihnganz kept the Gators in it. Another Zimmerman tip kill and a Cummings kill closed it to 17-19. Another Cummings kill, Cammy Schmelzer ace, and Zimmerman tied it 20-20. A Willihnganz kill and a pair of Powell aces got it to 23-22, but a 3 point Demon run ended the 2nd set 23-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators started with a 5 point run on an Ari Walker kill, pair of Powell aces, Schmelzer dig, and a Ryan Terra backrow kill. Rothgery and Ryan Terra kills and a Powell backrow kill got the Gator faithful roaring, and the Gators took a 12-1 lead.

Varsity Golden 2 2017 2 Ari kill small

(Ari Walker keeps the rally going with kill.)

A Cummings kill and a Powell block kill got the Gator fans even louder as they made it 14-4. The Demons surged despite another Powell backrow kill, Paik dig, Willihnganz kill, and Schmelzer ace to make it 18-9. A pair of Cummings kills got it to set point, and a Willihnganz kill ended the 3rd set 25-18In the 4th set, the scores see-sawed to 10-9 with a Willihnganz kill, Zimmerman tip kill, Ryan Terra dig/kill, Paik ace, Powell dig/kill, Powell block kill, and Willihnganz kill. Then the Demons rattled off a 5 point run despite good digs by Ryan Terra and Powell. A Willihnganz kill and pair of aces closed it back to 13-15. The Demons responded with another 5 point run stopped by a Walker tip kill. The Gators kept battling with a pair of kills by Ryan Terra and a nice Paik dig to make it 18-22. A Powell tip kill and a Schmelzer ace got it to 20-24, but the Demons prevailed 20-25.  The Gators' record goes to 5-12 (1-7).

The Maxprep information can be found here.

Next up is the Wheat Ridge Farmers (7-14, 4-4) away Tues. Oct 24. Then it is the Wheat Ridge Farmers away on Tues. Oct. 24 and home for the Littleton Lions on Thurs. Oct 26