Your Standley Lake Volleyball teams played at Pomona HS in the Swamp on 9/14/16 with an excellent and supportive Gator crowd in attendance. Here is a synopsis:

The Freshmen had their second match of the season taking on the Panthers. They played scrappy as the 1st set was tight see-sawing to 18-18. Pomona took a 18-22 lead. The Gators' defense stiffened, and they got it to 23-22. Good coverage and service errors on both side got it to 25-25 before Ravan Hammack and Syndey Schmelzer combined for kills to get the Gators the 1st set 27-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators took the lead early getting it to 17-9, but the Panthers scrapped as well and tied it 20-20. It see-sawed again with the score getting to 25-25 before a Panther service error and a Maria Tersigni ended it with an ace to make it 27-25 again. 

Freshmen Pomona 3 winner small

(Maria Tersigni serves an ace for the match point.)

They improve their record to 2-0 taking every set so far.

The Level III team battled the Panthers on the neighboring court. The Gators fell behind 3-14 and that deficit proved difficult to dig into as they dropped the 1st set 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators kept it closer at 6-8 to start including a pair of aces. Pomona's court coverage was stronger as they stretched out their lead to 12-22.

Level III Pomona 1 small

(Camrin Carpenter attacks.)

The Panthers were called for a foot fault, and Jamie Torbet notched a kill to get it to 15-22. The Panthers took the set and match with a Gator service error at 16-25. The Gators' record drops to 1-4.

In the JV match, the Gators took the early lead 6-3 with Ariana Elliott's kill. The Panthers clawed back tying it 8-8 and then surged to the lead 10-16. Ariana Elliott stopped the run with a kill, but the Panthers surged with a 8 point run to make it 13-24. Dani Powell's ace got it to 16-24, but the deficit proved too deep and the set ended 16-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators started strong taking a 7-4 lead with kills by Ariana Elliott and Amanda Powers, but the Panthers tied at 8-8. The Gators retook the lead with a Raeanne Rothgery kill, but the Panthers rattled off a 6 point run. After the Gators tied it at 16-16, the Panthers got 3 and 2 point runs to make it 18-21. The Gators fought back closing it at 20-21 with a  Jasmine Cummings kill. They tied it again with a kill by Jamie Zimmerman, but a Panther ace and Gator attack long ended it 22-25.

JV Pomona 2 small

(Jamie Zimmerman attacks.)

Their record goes to 1-4.

Tunnel 1 small

In the Varsity match, the Gators started the match gradually building 7-4 and 11-6 leads. The Panthers closed it at 14-13, before the Gators rebuilt their lead to 18-14 and 20-15 to the pleasure of the Gator failure chanting "USA, USA, USA!"

Varsity crowd 1 small

Inspired by their fans, the Gators closed the 1st set out 25-22 with a Elizabeth "Dill" dump kill. In the 2nd set, the Gators again ratcheted leads of 7-3 and 16-9 before the Panthers clawed their way back into the match with long rallies to get it to 18-17. After a timely Gator timeout, they pulled ahead to a 23-17 lead punctuated by Shelby Hines and Hanna Davis kills and a red card for the Panthers' attempts at substitutions after the whistles were blown.

Varsity Pomona 3 Hanna kill small

(Hanna Davis gets a kill.)

Another Hanna Davis kill and a Panther net call ended the 2nd set 25-18. In the 3rd set, the Gators got the intial lead again 7-3, but the Panthers wouldn't go easily as they took the lead 7-8. The Gators battled back to regain the lead 12-9 and 16-12. The Panthers fought back to close it to 16-15 with an ace. The Gators crept ahead to make it 18-16 before the Panthers got a 5 point run. Steeled by their coaches' encouragement, the Gators battled back with a Hayley Davis kill to make it 20-21. The Panthers threatened a 4th set with a ace making it 20-23, but the Gators were amped by the Gator faithful and closed it to 22-23 before a Panther timeout. With the breather, the Gators increased their resolve and finished with a Elizabeth "Dill" kill take the 3rd set 25-23 and the match. They improve record to 5-3.

Next up is the home opener against Centaurus in the Swamp on Friday, Sept. 16. Catch the excitement. Following that, the Freshmen host the Gator Invitational tournament in the Swamp and the Level III team goes to their invitational at Evergreen HS both on Sat. Sept 17.

See their own website: for more information.