Technical difficulties resulted in this combo report:

Your Standley Lake Volleyball teams took on Golden HS away 9/29/16.

The Freshmen Gators won the 1st set 25-10, lost the 2nd set 20-25, and dropped the 3rd set 9-15. Their record went to 6-3.

The Level III Gators battled but lost 18-25 in both sets. Their record to 1-8.

The JV Gators battled as well but had more success on the scoreboard as they took the 1st set 25-18 keyed by 5 serving aces, a 6 point run with Colleen Gill serving, and good court coverage rousing the Gator crowd. In the 2nd set, with Ariana Elliott serving, the Gators got an 11 point run and held on for a 25-10 win. 

JV Golden 5 good small

(Jasmine Cummings attacks.)

Their record improved to 2-5.

The Varsity Gators battled hard winning the 1st and 2nd sets 25-15 and 25-14, with good attacks and blocking. Golden rallied to take the 3rd set 22-25 and the 4th set, after being down 23-22 and 25-24, 25-27 with good digs including an amazing Kayla Pray pancake dig, leaving the Gator faithful on the edges of their seats.  In the 5th set, the Gators edged out to a 7-6 lead and with Hanna Davis serving got a key 4 point run. With Cammie Schmelzer serving, the Gators rallied for a 3 point run and finished the set 15-9.

Varsity Golden 2 Shelby good small

(Shelby Hines attacks.)

They improve their record to 7-4.

On 10/1/16, your JV Gator team went to the Arvada JV tournament and went 1-3, finishing 6th of 8 teams.

On 10/4/16, the same day unfortunately as the Powder Puff game, your Gators took on the Green Mountain Rams away. There was no Freshman match, as the 3A Rams did not have a Freshman team.

In the Level III match, the Gators took an early 4-3 lead but the Rams got a 6 point run to make it 5-15 and held on for the 16-25 win. In the 2nd set, the Rams started with a 10 poin run that Haley Hitchcock ended with a kill. Despite some good digs, the early deficit proved too big and the Gators fell 14-25.

Level III Golden Solana Brito small

(Solana Brito serves.)

Their record went to 1-9.

In the JV match, the Gators took an early 6-5 lead punctuated with a Dani Powell kill, but the Rams responded with a 5 point run. The Rams kept up the presure with 4, 4, and 3 point runs to take the 1st set 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators again started strong with a 4-0 start as the Rams edged back to 8-7, 13-12, and 15-15. The Rams got a 6 point run stopped by a Jasmine Cummings kill, but the Rams held their lead to take it 19-25.

JV Golden 2 Giuliana Tucker small

(Giulana Tucker attacks.)

The Gators' record went to 3-9.

In the Varsity match, the Gators fell back 4-9 but battled to tie it 9-9 and 15-15 led by fine blocks by Shelby Hines; however, the Rams got a 6 point run and held on to take the 1st set 19-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators dug deep to take 6-5, 11-9, 15-10, and 22-15 leads and took the set 25-19.

Varsity Sadie Green Mt small

(Libero Sadie Heffelman gets the dig. Photo: Leanne Heffelman.)

In the 3rd set, the Gators started strong with a 4-0 lead. They worked the lead to 9-3 with good kills by Lauren Willihnganz before the Rams tightened it up with a 4 point run. The Gators battled hard to keep the lead getting it to 22-18 before the Rams rallied to tie it and then took a 23-24 lead. The Gators tied it with a Amanda Bosben kill, but the Rams found the open court and took the set 24-26.

VarsityJV Golden 1 Amanda Bosben small

(Amanda Bosben gets a kill.)

In the 5th set, the Gators' air seemed to go flat as the Rams got an 8 point run to make it 1-9. A pair of 4 point runs got the score to 5-17, and the Rams held on to take it 10-25Their record went to 7-5.

On 10/6/16, your Standley Lake Volleyball teams took on the tough D'Evelyn Jaguars in the Swamp during a Homecoming Week highlighted match with an excellent and supportive Gator crowd in attendance.

The Freshmen played hard tying the score repeated, 12-12, 16-16, 18-18 before the Gators finally surged with aces by Maria Tersigni and Sean Rumley. Haley Brandt got 2 key block kills to get the Gators the 1st set 25-19. In the 2nd set, the Gators surged to a 12-4 lead on Sydney Schmelzer's, Sean Rumley's, and Ravan Hammack's kills. A pair of aces by Maria Tersigni got the score to 18-6, and the Gators held on for a 25-12 win.

Freshmen DEvelyn 5 Sydney Schmelzer ace small

(Sydney Schmelzer serves a key late ace.)

They improved their record to 7-3.

In the Level III match, your Gators came with determination as the score see-sawed 12-10, 12-14, 14-14. The Gators surged to 18-14 with a good dig by Haley Hitchcock, a kill by Solana Brito, and aces by Ariana Walker and held on for the 25-19 win. In the 2nd set, the scores were tight until 17-17. Then the Jaguars got a 6 point run and took the set with an ace 19-25. In the 3rd set, the set was tied at 3-3 before the Jaguars got a run to make it 4-9. The Gators' determination was strong as they rallied to tie it 10-10 with good digs and a kill by Alexis Chinda. After a 3 point run, with Korie Boren serving, the Gators rallied with a 5 point run capped with an ace to take the set 15-13.

Level III DEvelyn 3 Korie Boren ace win small

(Korie Boren serves an ace for the win.)

They improve their record to 2-9.

In the JV match, the Gators battled but the Jaguars kept ratcheting up their lead 2-4, 4-7, 6-12, and 9-17 with 5 aces despited kills by Jamie Zimmerman, Jaelyn Grimes, and Dani Powell.

JV DEvelyn 1 Jamie Zimmerman serve small

(Jamie Zimmerman serves up an ace.)

The deficit proved too large, and the Gators dropped the 1st set 11-25. In the 2nd set, the Jaguars got a 10 point run to make it 1-10. Despite good digs by Colleen Gill, a great block by Jasmine Cummings, ace by Georgia Bosse, a kill by Ariana Elliott, and a sweet block by Raenne Rothgery, the Gators dropped the set 12-25.  The Gators' record drops to 3-10.

DEvelyn match crowd 2 good small

(The Gator Marching Band and Cheer Team gets the Gator crowd amped up!)

In the Varsity match, the Gators got it to 3-3 before the Jaguars strong attacks ratched leads of 3-6, 6-9, 10-14, but the Gators rallied to close it at 13-15 with kills by Shelby Hines, Sam Montoya, a block kill by Lauren Willihnganz, and a great dig by Kayla Pray. Still the Jaguars attack was formidable and they took the 1st set 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators got it to 4-4 including a libero attack called against the Jaguars. Then the Jaguars surged on successful attacks getting it to 6-12, 8-16, and 10-22 despite kills by Elizabeth Dill and Lauren Willihnganz and ace by Erin Paik, and the Jaguars held on for a 12-25 2nd set win.

In the 3rd set, the Gators seemed to come out flat as the score went to 4-13. The boisterous support of the Gator crowd including the Gator Marching Band and the Cheer Team helped the team rally to close it 12-16 punctuated by a kill and ace by Zoe Ryan-Terra, a Shelby Hines block kill, and a Sam Montoya kill, but the undefeated Jaguars surged with a pair of aces and strong attacks. 

Varsity DEvelyn 1 Sam Montoya attack small

(Sam Montoya attacks.)

Zoe Ryan-Terra kept the Gator attack up with a pair of kills but the Gators dropped the 3rd set 19-25Their record goes to 7-6.

Next up is Evergreen HS on Oct. 10 in the Swamp. Come and catch the excitement.

See their own website: for more information.