Your Standley Lake Volleyball teams took on the Evergreen Cougars on 10/10/16.

In the Freshmen match, the Gators scrapped but fell 19-25 after keeping it close to 18-19 and 18-25.

Freshmen Evergreen 4 good small

(Sean Rumley serves.)

In the Level III match, the Gators started slowly with a 12-25 1st set, but they clawed back in the 2nd taking 14-11, 19-16, and 22-21 leads but fell 22-25.

Level III Evergreen 1 Jamie Torbet serves small

(Jamie Torbet serves.)

In the JV match, the Gators fell 7-25 and 10-25.

JV Evergreen 1 serve small

(Jaelyn Grimes serves.)

In the Varsity match, the Gators started close keeping it 7-7, but the Cougars got 4, 3, 3, and 3 point runs to take the 1st set 15-25. In the 2nd, the Cougars got an early 8 point run and held on for a 14-25 win. In the 3rd, the Cougars got a 10 point run midway through and held on for a 16-25 win.

Varsity Evergreen 2 good small

(Shelby Hines attacks.)

On 10/14/16, your Standley Lake Volleyball teams hosted the Littleton Lions.

In the Freshmen match, your scrappy Freshmen Gators prevailed with 25-11 and 25-17 dominant wins.

In the Level III match, your Gators came back from a late 19-22 deficit with a 6 point run to win the 1st set 25-22. In the 2nd set, the Gators were buoyed by their early success and won 25-19.

In the JV match, the 1st set was close going 15-18, 20-22, but the Lions won 21-25. In the 2nd set, the score was tied 8-8 keyed by kills by Dani Powell, Jasmine Cummings, Georgia Bosse, and an ace by Jasmine Cummings, but the Lions surged with an 8 point run stopped with an Ariana Elliott kill. Your Gators rallied for a 4 point run and closed it to 20-22 with a timely kill and a block kill by Dani Powell. A terrific kill by Raeanne Rothgery tied it 24-24. With the game on the line, the Lions tried to substitute once too many and were yellow carded but kept the serve and defeated the Gators 24-26.

JV Littleton serve Jasmine ace 2 good small

(Jasmine Cummings serves an ace.)

In the Varsity match, the Gators edged ahead with 9-7, 11-9, and 15-14 leads in the 1st set with a sweet pancake dig by Kayla Pray, kills by Elizabeth Dill, a kill by Sam Montoya after a good dig by Erin Paik, and an ace by Cammie Schmelzer. Then the Lions surged despite a nice tip kill by Elizabeth Dill. With the score 20-24, the Gators battled getting it to 23-24 on a dump kill by Kayla Pray, but a timeout and rally got the Lions the 1st set 23-25. In the 2nd set, your Gators started flat allowing the Lions to take 1-8, 2-12, and 6-17 leads. Despite a pair of aces and a kill by Elizabeth Dill, a terrific dig by Sadie Heffelman, a sweet block kill by Shelby Hines, the Gators couldn't overcome that initial deficit and dropped the 2nd set 14-25. In the 3rd set, another early Lion surge to make it 0-8 got the Gators behind the 8 ball. Your Gators surged on a great dig by Sadie Heffelman, a block kill by Lauren Willihnganz, an ace by Elizabeth Dill,  and a nice Shelby Hines kill to make it 8-10.

Varsity Littleton Erin attack 2 small


(Erin Paik attacks.)

A 6 point Lion run put enough distance that an Erin Paik kill, a terrific Sadie Heffelman dig, and a nice Lauren Willihnganz tip kill weren't enough, and the Gators dropped the 3rd set 16-25.

Your Gators travelled to Valor Christian on 10/18/16.

In the Freshmen match, the 1st set the Eagles pulled out strong out of the gate getting it to 7-21 and held on for a 10-25 win. In the 2nd set, your Gators turned it around to start 9-2 on a Haley Brandt block kill, a Sydney Schmelzer kill, a Maria Tersigni kill, and an Evie Brackney ace.

Freshmen Valor 1 small

(Maria Tersigni serves.)

The Eagles closed the gap and retook the lead 12-14. Scrappy Gator play and an ace by Evie Brackney made it 22-17. It was 24-19 when the Eagles got a sideout. The tide turned, and 3 Eagle aces stole the 1st set 24-26. So close!

In the Level III match, the Eagles pulled ahead early getting it to 9-16, 13-20 and held on to take the 1st set 16-25. In the 2nd set, a 10 point Eagle run made it 0-10, and the 2nd set ended 6-25.

Level III Valor Jamie serve 1 small

In the JV match, the tall Eagle team (that probably would challenge most Varsity squads) soared above the Gators and took advantage of 8 aces to take the 1st set 4-25. In the 2nd set, a 7 point Eagle run to start was stopped by a good Jasmine Cummings kill.

JV Valor 1 Amanda Powers small

(Amanda Powers attacks.)

The Eagles surged again to make it 4-16. Dani Powell's nice kill and great dig weren't enough to hold off the Eagles as they prevailed 10-25.

In the Varsity match, your Gators heard all the accolades of the Eagles' senior night annoucements but would not go down without a battle. Nice kills by Shelby Hines, Sam Montoya, and Elizabeth Dill kept it close early 5-7. Big verticals and tall middles got the Eagles downward kills, but the Gators responded with a Lauren Willihnganz kill and block and terrific digs by Zoe Ryan-Terra, Amanda Bosben, Sam Montoya, and Lauren Willihnganz. Despite a block kill by Elizabeth Dill and a kill by Kayla Pray, the 1st set went 12-25. In the 2nd set, your Gators got a 5-3 lead to start with an ace and a kill by Zoe Ryan-Terra. The Eagles surged ahead despite nice digs by Elizabeth Dill and Kayla Pray. A 6 point Eagle run got it to 12-23. A furious rally with a great Sadie Heffelman dig and sweet block and kill by Shelby Hines highlighted their efforts, but the Eagles took the 2nd 14-25. The 3rd set began with a good Amanda Bosben kill, but the Eagles responded with a 6 point run. Zoe Ryan-Terra got an ace to make it 4-6. Kills and block kill by Shelby Hines and another terrific pancake dig by Kayla Pray leading to a Elizabeth Dill kill kept it closer at 9-13. Your Gators would not go down easily as Kayla Pray got a kill, Amanda Bosben and Erin Paik made terrific digs, and Elizabeth Dill got a pair of kills to get it to 18-24 before the Eagles sealed it 18-25. This was perhaps the Gators' scrappiest effort of the season.

On 10/20/16, the Gators got a rematch against the Littleton Lions away.

In the Freshmen match, the 1st set see-sawed 7-7 and 15-15 before your Gators surged with better serving. Maria Tersigni keyed a 3 point run to get it to 24-19, and your Gators held on for a 25-20 win. In the 2nd set, your Gators got a 5 point run to make it 10-4 keyed by a Maria Tersigni block kill and 3 aces by Evie Brackney. The Lions clawed back to tie it 11-11. Your Gators got a pair of 4 point runs on a Maria Tersigni ace, Sydney Schmelzer kill, Haley Brandt kill, and 2 aces by Sean Rumley to make it 19-12.

Freshmen Littleton2 Sean serve 1 small

(Sean Rumley serves an ace.)

An ace by Sydney Schmelzer and a kill and an ace by Haley Brandt sealed the win 25-17The Gators' record goes to 7-10.

In the Level III match, your Gators started strong taking 7-4, 14-8, and 19-10 leads with good court coverage and solid passing and took the 1st set 25-20. In the 2nd set, the Lions ran off 11 points to start including 4 aces stopped by a Tiana LeBeck kill.

Level III Littleton2 Faith 2 good small

(Faith Nightingale attacks.)

Despite a nice kill by Haley Hitchcock, the early deficit proved too big and the 2nd set ended 8-25. In the 3rd set, the Lions ran off a 7 point run making it 1-7. Your Gators rallied to make it 11-13 with better court coverage and a pair of aces by Jazmin Xiong. An untimely service error followed. The 2nd set ended 12-15The Gators' record goes to 9-5.

In the JV match, the 1st set stayed close keyed by a Georgia Bosse kill early before the Lions rattled off a 7 point run to make it 5-14. A late rally punctuated with a Jasmine Cummings kill got it to 15-24 before it ended 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Lions surged early to make it 3-9. Giuliana Tucker stopped the run with a kill. Ariana Elliott's dig and Georgia Bosse's, Raeanne Rothgery's, and Ariana Elliott's kills showed the Gators' spirit, but the 2nd set ended 17-25The Gators' record goes to 3-14.

In the Varsity match, your Gators took the early lead 6-2 with 2 aces by Elizabeth Dill. A pancake dig by Kayla Pray was ruled to hit the floor (despite video suggesting otherwise) stopping the run. A kill by Sam Montoya, a terrific dig by Sadie Heffelman and kills by Shelby Hines, Elizabeth Dill, and Amanda Bosben got it to 15-8, but a curious under-the-net violation called on a backrow player gave the Lions a sideout. A Zoe Ryan-Terra kill got the Gators a sideout. A missed net call allowed the Lions to close to 17-16 and retake the lead 17-19. A Lauren Willihganz kill stopped the run. An ace by Kayla Pray tied it up. A missed over-the-net call allowed the Lions to retake the lead 20-21. Yet your Gators battled back to 24-22 and set point. An inscrutable net call resulted in a 24-26 Lions' 1st set. In the 2nd set, the Lions surged on a 6 point run to make it 2-8. A curious touch call by the line judge on the opposite side of the court stopped a Gator rally 5-8. Despite an Elizabeth Dill kill, a Sadie Heffelman ace, a Zoe Ryan-Terra kill, and terrific digs by Sadie Heffelman, the 2nd set ended 11-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators edged out to a 6-5 lead keyed by a kill and a block kill by Shelby Hines, but the Lions rallied with a 6 point run. The Lions kept ratcheting up their lead despite kills by Amanda Bosben, Shelby Hines, Sam Montoya, and Zoe Ryan-Terra, and the 3rd set ended 17-25. The Gators' record goes to 7-10.

Next up is Wheat Ridge on Monday Oct. 24 in the Swamp starting at 430p. Come cheer on your Gators!