Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the scrappy Denver South Rebels away on 9/7/17.

In the Freshman match, the scores see-sawed until it was 9-9. Then the Gators ran off a 9 point run including at least 2 aces by Aaliya Luna despite a Rebels timeout to make it 16-9. The Rebels fought back to close it 21-20, but the Gators rallied with a set winning free ball kill for a 25-23 win. In the 2nd set, the Rebels surged for a 7-12 lead. The Gators kept in the game and chipped away to get it to 13-16, With Tanie Guzman serving including an ace, the Gators rattled off a 5 point run to take the lead. With renewed energy, the Gators held off the Rebel rally and took the set 25-21 for the win. Their record improves to 1-1 (0-0).

In the Level III match, the scored also see-sawedto 17-17. It seemed the outcome could go either way. The Rebels surged to a 20-23 lead with a pair of aces. The Gators battled back to tie it 23-23 with a backrow kill, but the Rebels prevailed 23-25 in a match with abundant net calls. In the 2nd set, the Gators surged to take the early lead 7-4, but the Rebels rallied with a 6 point run including an ace. The Gators battled with a Hayley Hitchcock kill, Alyssa LeBeck ace, Hayley Hitchcock ace, and Ravan Hammack kill getting it to 20-20. Despite a Gator timeout, the Rebels got timely serving with a pair of aces to take the set 20-25. Teammates noted Evelynn Brackney's great saves, Ravan Hammack's good hits and blocks, and overall team scrappiness. Their record goes to 1-2 (0-0).


In the JV match, the Rebels kept ratcheting up leads 2-4, 5-8, 7-12, 10-16. The Gators kept battling trying to whittle down the gap and got it to 22-24 with great energy and scrambling, kills by Samantha Trujillo, a Jamie Torbet ace, and an Ari Walker kill, but the outcome of the set was called on a double hit for a  22-25 Rebel win. In the second set, the same ratcheting seemed to recur despite nice kill by Samantha Trujillo, a great block and kill by Ari Walker, and a terrific block by Sean Rumley. With a sense of a potential rally in the air, the Gators unfortunately had 4 missed serves in a row to help seal the deal ending it 15-25. Their record goes to 1-2 (0-0).

Denver South JV Ari 2017 1

(Ari Walker attacks.)


In the Varsity match, the Gators were down early but rallied with an ace and kill by Lauren Willihnganz, block kill by Zoe Ryan Terra, great dig by Dani Powell, backrow kill by Erin Paik, a tip kill by Lauren Willihnganz, and a Dani Powell block kill, to get it to 13-13 as the Gator faithful roared in delight. The Gators got a 16-14 lead with an ace by Dani Powell, but the Rebels got a 7 point run stopped by a Lauren Willihnganz kill. With great energy, the Gators battled back to close it to 23-23, but the Rebels sealed it with an ace floater to make it 23-25. In the 2nd set, the Rebels seemed energized on their home court taking a 5-11 early lead despite a Raeanne Rothgery freeball kill and a sweet Lauren Willihnganz downline kill. A 7 point Rebel run made it 8-18. Dani Powell, tried to spark a Gator rally with a pair of aces, but the deficit proved too large as the 2nd ended 16-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators kept it close early with kills by Lauren Willihnganz and Zoe Ryan Terra getting it to 6-8 before a 4 point Rebel run stopped by a Lauren Willihnganz kill. The Rebels ratched their lead to 11-19 before Jasmine Cummings' kill.

Denver South Varsity 2017 1 small

(Jasmine Cummings gets a kill.)

The Gators rallied for 4 points with a nice Cummings save, Powell kill, a combined Cummings and Powell block kill, and a Ariana Elliott ace. Again, the deficit proved too much as the Rebel punctuated their win with a final ace to end it 16-25. The Gators' record goes to 1-2 (0-0).


Next up is Overland HS Invitational on 9/9/17.