Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Littleton Lions away on 10/13/17.

In the Freshman match, the match was played in an auxillary gym. The Lions jumped out early to 3-6, 6-11, and 8-14 leads despite good Gators plays like Tomiko Tawara's freeball kill. Erin Schwaninger got an ace and Aaliya Luna got a dig kill to get the Gators closer 11-14. An odd serve that was caught by a Lion resulted in a replay contrary to CHSAA rules. A Jamie Boese-Rhinesmith block kill got the Gators to 13-16. A Victoria VanDyke freeball kill helped get the Gators to 18-19, but a trio of Lion aces closed out the 1st set 19-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators came out strong taking 6-1, 12-4, and 14-9 leads with a Boese-Rhinesmith ace and Schwaninger kill.

Freshmen Littleton 2017 1 Erin kill small

(Erin Swaninger gets a kill.)

VanDyke block kill made it 17-10. The Lions came back to close it 20-17 on a quartet of aces despite another well-placed Tawara freeball kill. The Gators responded with another Victoria VanDyke block kill and kill to take the 2nd set 25-20. In the 3rd set, the Gators kept their momentum going and won 15-9. The Gators' record reaches double digit wins at 10-4, 5-1. Congrats!

In the Level III match, the Lions got the early edge 6-9 and 7-10 with multiple aces. Then the Gators responded with a Jacquelyn Jankovsky, kill and a pair of Ravan Hammack aces to take the lead 11-10. A pair of Lion aces and a 5 point run got the Lions ahead 11-15. An Isabella Misegadis kill and 3 Maria Tersigni aces got the Gators a 16-15 lead. The Lions timeout didn't stop Tersigni as she followed with another pair of aces, and Hayley Hitchcock added a kill for a 9 point Gator run. Alyssa LeBeck sealed the deal with a 3 ace run to get the 1st set 25-17. In the 2nd set, the Lions pulled out to a 1-9 lead. A Katie Demink kill and Tersigni backrow kill and ace got the Gators back in it 9-15. Steady Gator play kept the Gators in it until they got a 8 point run on another LeBeck ace, a Demink quartet of aces, and a LeBeck backrow kill to get the 21-19 lead.

Level III Littleton 2017 2 Katie ace small

(Katie Demink serves annother ace!)

A nice Tersigni dig kill squashed the Lion comeback, and the Gators got a 4 point run to take the set 25-20The Gators'record improves to 8-7 (4-3).

In the JV match, the Gators pulled out to an earliy 5-1 lead on a Tiana LeBeck ace and Ari Walker kill. The Lions chipped away to make it 10-9 until a LeBeck freeball kill. Another interesting call to allow a service after the Lion player tossed it and touched it before the ball hit the ground which was followed with a reserve (contrary to CHSAA rules) and a Gator injury led to a 13-13 tie. The Gators got a 4 point run with Walker serving. The Gators made it 19-14 after a terrific Colleen Gill dig, but the Lions rattled off a 8 point run to make it 20-24 and took the 1st set 22-25. In the 2nd set, the scores see-sawed to 9-9 with a Ravan Hammack kill, a Sydney Schmelzer kill, a Walker kill, LeBeck kills, and a Jamie Torbet ace. Another terrific Colleen Gill dig stopped a 4 point Lion run. The Gators inspired play got a 5 point run to retake the lead 17-15 with another Walker kill and Solana Brito block kill. Another Faith Nightingale kill made it 19-17, but the Lions responded with a 4 point run.

JV Littleton 2017 1 Faith kill small

(Faith Nightingale gets a kill.)

The Gators tied it with a Maria Tersigni ace. The Gators pulled ahead 23-22 before a double call got the Lions a sideout. The Lions got to match point before Walker got a clutch kill to tie it 24-24. A Lions service error kept the Gators alive. A LeBeck freeball kill made it 26-25 before a Gator service error, but the Gators would not be denied as they rallied to take the 2nd set 28-26. With the gym abuzz in Gator energy, the team pulled out to a 5-2 lead in the 3rd set. The Lions tied it 7-7 despite a Hammack kill and another Torbet ace. A Tersigni ace made it 10-7, but the Lions surged with a 4 point run. A Gator sideout and a Gill ace made it 13-12, but the Lions took advantage of home court and pulled off a 3 point run to close the 2nd set 13-15 and take the match. Oh, so close! The Gators' record goes to1-10 (0-6).

In the Varsity match, the Lions pulled ahead early 2-4 despite a Lauren Willihnganz kill, but Zoe Ryan Terra sparked a a 7 point with a kill and terrific dig to make it 9-4. Despite brief runs, the Gators' solid play with a great save off the net by Jasmine Cummings, another Ryan Terra kill, a terrific Ariana Elliot dig, a Willihnganz backrow kill, a Cummings kill, and an Erin Paik ace made it 24-16 and then 25-18 for the 1st set. In the 2nd set, the Gators took it to the Lions earlier taking a 6-1 lead with a Raeanne Rothgery tip kill, Willihnganz kill, Dani Powell ace, and Willihnganz tip kill. A 5 point Lion run tied it 9-9. Despite a Cummings kill, the Lions took a 11-12 lead before a pair of Willihnganz kills, Cummings ace, and Powell ace got the Gators a 17-13 lead. Strong Gator play with a pair of Willihnganz kills and an ace and backrow kil by Paik made it 24-16 again, and the Gators took the 2nd set with another Cummings kill 25-17. In the 3rd set, the Gators played with their lineup which seemed to lead to a Lions 4-8 lead despite a nice Ryan Terra tip kill.

Varsity Littleton 2017 3 Gigi small

(Gigi Tucker attacks.)

Perhaps out of sync, the Gators couldn't seem to muster a sustained attack despite another Powell ace, and the Lions got a 8-18 lead with a 6 point run. A Ryan Terra kill and a pair of Paik aces weren't enough as the Lions took the 3rd set 15-25. An edgy Gator crowd seem to fidget as the Lions got a 3-6 despite a Ryan Terra and Cummings kills. Finally the Gators got a 5 point run to retake the lead. The Lions tied between Ryan Terra kills. The Lions surged to make it 10-14 despite a Willihnganz kill. Then the Gators mounted a 9 point run with a sweet Ari Walker/Willihnganz combo block kill, a Powell ace, a Willihnganz kill, and an inspired Elliot kill making it 19-14. The Lions would not go easily as they closed to 20-17 before another Ryan Terra kill. Nervous time again, the Lions closed to 22-21 before the Gators ended the suspense with a 25-21 4th set win. The Gators' record improves to 5-10 (1-5)

The Maxprep information can be found here.

Next up is Valor Christian (12-3, 6-0) in the Swamp for the Senior Night. Then it is likely a 3 team conference sectional.