Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Wheat Ridge Farmers (7-14, 4-4) away on 10/24/17.

The Wheat Ridge Farmers do not carry a Freshman team, sadly.

In the Level III match, the Gators played well getting the game to 12-8. Then it was Maria Tersigni's turn to serve. In a season best run, the Gators got 6 aces from Tersigni in addition to a free ball kill and another kill by Alyssa LeBeck and a Hayley Hitchcock kill for a 13 point run to take the 1st set 25-8. Goodness! In the 2nd set, after Hitchcock got a kill, LeBeck started with a pair of aces.  A Jacquelyn Jankovsky kill and a Hitchcock ace preceded a 4 point Farmer run to tie it 5-5. Isabelle Misegadis got a kill, and Katie Demink got an ace to regain a Gator 9-5 lead.

Level III Wheat Ridge 2 2017 1 Isabelle kill small

(Isabelle Misegadis rallies her team with a kill.)

Steady Gator play, a pair of Tersigni aces, and a pair of LeBeck aces made it 17-11. After a Farmer sideout, the Gators got on another roll with a Ravan Hammack kill, Jankovsky kill, a pair of Hitchcock aces, and a Demink kill for a 6 point run and a 25-12 win.  Coach Emily Buchtel noted 8 of Maria Tersigni's serves were aces! The Gators'record improves to 9-9 (5-5).

In the JV match, the Farmers got an early 0-3 lead. Strong Farmer play made it 3-10 before Samantha Trujillo stopped the run with a freeball kill. A Solana Brito freeball kill, Farmer double hits, and an Ari Walker kill closed it a bit 9-14. Another Walker kill and a Sean Rumley freeball kill made it 13-17. Another Trujillo kill helped close the gap 16-20, but a 4 point Farmer run got it to set point. The Gators would not fold, and they battled back with a 6 point run with a trio of Brito aces and a Trujillo kill, but razor thin margin of error and a a service error ended it 22-25. In the 2nd set, something flipped in the Gators' mojo, and they took it to the Farmers with a Jamie Torbet freeball kill, Walker kill, Colleen Gill freeball kill, Sydney Schmelzer kill, a quartet of  Rumley aces, and a Faith Nightingale kill to make it 12-1! The Farmers responded with a pair of 3 point runs. Kills by Walker, Schmelzer, and Rumley and a block kill by Trujillo kept the lead comfortable 20-10. Kills by Nightingale and Trujillo sealed the 2nd set win 25-12.

JV Wheat Ridge 2 2017 1 Faith kill small

(Faith Nightingale gets a kill.)

In the 3rd set, the Farmers jumped out to a 5 point lead before Rumley got a kill. Another Farmer 3 point run made it 2-9. the large deficit proved too big in a first-to-15 point set despite kills by Trujillo, Brito, and Rumley, and the Farmers prevailed 7-15The Gators' record goes to2-14 (1-8).

In the Varsity match, the Gators took the early 2-0 lead with an Ariana Elliot tip kill, and then the Farmers tied it and took the lead with a 5 point run fueled by their strongest player #8 Allie Gammel. With Gator grit, the Gators battled back to 11-12 on a Lauren Willihnganz tip kill, Erin Paik backrow kill, and Dani Powell block kill. The Farmers responded with 4 and 3 point runs. The Gators closed to 17-20 with a Willihnganz ace, a Zoe Ryan Terra kill, and an Ari Walker block kill and kill. A service error and questionable net call made it 17-23. More Gator grit, good digs by Walker and Ryan Terra, and a Ryan Terra kill got to 19-23, but the Farmers took the 1st set 19-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators came out strong with a Powell kill, 3 Powell aces, and a Jamie Zimmerman kill to make it 6-0. A Raeanne Rothgery kill, Zimmerman kill, Ryan Terra kill, and Jasmine Cummings kill kept the Gators ahead 15-7.

Varsity Wheat Ridge 2 2017 3 Zoe kill good small

(Zoe Ryan Terra keeps the rally going with kill.)

The Gators needed a Paik dig/kill, Powell ace, and a Willihnganz ace to help keep the Gators ahead 20-15 despite a questionable call on a great Ryan Terra save that appeared to go over the net at a very difficult angle but was called over the antenna, and the Gators took the 2nd set 25-18. In the 3rd set, the Farmers kept edging ahead despite a pair of Willihnganz kills, great Cammy Schmelzer dig, Paik backrow kill, Cummings kills, great Powell dump kill, and a backrow Ryan Terra kill to get it to 12-19. A Zimmerman freeball kill and a Ryan Terra tip kill made it 14-20. Then a switch seemed to turn on, and the Gators went on a roll with a Ryan Terra ace, Willihnganz kill, Powell dump kill, Cummings kill, another Ryan Terra ace, great Willihnganz dig leading to a Powell kill, and a pair of Willihnganz kills for a 11 point run to take the 3rd set 25-20. In the 4th set, the Farmers kill. Deja vu, the Gators rallied with a 6 point run on an Elliot tip kill, Ryan Terra kill, and a Cummings kill to get it ot 11-12. The Farmers rattled off a 5 point run in turn. A Willihnganz kill, Paik backrow kill, Powell ace, and Rothgery kill made it 16-20 before a net call stopped the rally. Another Elliot kill and a terrific Schmelzer dig leading to a well-placed Powell freeball kill wasn't enough as the Farmers prevailed 20-25. In the 5th set (2nd of the year for Gators), Head coach Taylor Hillberry and assistant coach Kaylie Prince gathered the team for a pep talk. Then the Gators dug deep. A great Ryan Terra dig, a pair of Willihnganz kills, a Ryan Terra kill, and another terrific Ryan Terra dig made it 6-2. A Willihnganz kill stopped a 3 point Farmer run. A Paik ace, an amazing Willihnganz pancake dig, and a trio of Cummings aces led to a 13-8 Farmer timeout. Unthwarted, Cummings nailed her 4th ace in a row to make it match point! A Farmer sideout and a Ryan Terra tip kill ended the set and match 15-9The Gators' record improves to 6-12 (2-7). After the match, coaches Taylor Hillberry and Kaylie Prince praised the team for learning what it meant to have Gator Grit. Here's to Gator Grit!

The Maxprep information can be found here.

Next up is the Littleton Lions (4-14, 0-9) in the Swamp Thur. Oct 26. After that is a tournament Sat. Oct 28 in Golden