Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Green Mountain Rams in the Swamp on 10/3/17.

In the Freshman match, the Gators pulled out to a 7-1 lead sparked by a 4 point run including a pair of aces by Erin Schwaninger. The Rams closed to within 4 point, but another 7 point run with Tomiko Tawara, libero, serving an ace got it to 18-7. Another 6 point run with Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith serving a pair of aces and Victoria VanDyke getting a tip kill made it 24-8. A Ram service error ended it 25-10. In the 2nd set, the Rams got an early lead making it 4-6 before a Boese-Rhinesmith tip kill ended the run and sparked a 9 point run including 3 more aces by Tawara.

Freshmen Green Mt 2017 2 Tomiko serve small

(Tomiko Tawara aces another.)

Another Boese-Rhinesmith tip kill and a 3 point run made it 16-8. Schwaninger sparked another run with a kill, and Tanie Guzman served out the set and match with a 9 point run including an ace and a Tawara free ball kill to end it 25-10. The Gators' record improves to 8-3, 3-0.

In the Level III match, the match see-sawed  at 3-5, 8-5, 11-6, 13-15, and 14-16 with a kill by Hayley Hitchcock, a block kill by Ravan Hammack, and an Isabelle Misegadis kill. Then a pair of aces by the Rams got them a 6 point run, making it 15-22, and the 1st set ended 18-25. In the 2nd set, the scores see-sawed again 3-2, 5-6, 10-9, 13-9 with aces by Alyssa LeBeck, Hitchcock, Katie DeMink, a kills by Misegadis.

Level III Green Mt 2017 1 Hayley attack small

(Hayley Hitchcock attacks.)

Then the Rams went ahead 13-15. The Gators pulled ahead with a 8 point run  with Keiko Tawara serving a pair of aces and DeMink getting a kill. Interestingly the Rams called a 3rd timeout without consequence. A Hitchcock kill got the Gators refocused. A Maria Tersigni kill made it 24-17, and the Gators closed out the 2nd set 25-21. In the 3rd set, a pair of LeBeck aces, a great Hammack save, a Hitchcock block kill, and a Tawara aces got it to 10-10. Then the Rams pulled off a 4 point run before a Gator timeout, but the set ended 10-15The Gators'record goes to 6-6 (2-2).

In the JV match, the Gators kept the scores close getting it to 12-12 on a Solana Brito freeball kill, an Ari Walker kill, Jamie Torbet ace, a combo Sean Rumley/Walker block kill, and a Rumley kill.

JV Green Mt 2017 3 Walker kill small

(Ari Walker gets a kill.)

Then the Rams rattled off a 5 point run. The Gators responded with a 3 point run, but Rams kept ahead, despite a Walker kill, great Rumley save, and a DeMink tip kill, to take the 1st set 18-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators pulled ahead 5-0 sparked by another Rumley kill. The Rams tied it up. With Maria Tersigni serving an ace, the Gators got a 4 point run but were called for a net violation. Then Rams tied it. A Gator sideout made it 11-10, but a perplexing series of bounces got the Rams a 15 point run to end the set 11-25The Gators' record goes to1-7 (0-3) despite stretches of good Gator effort.


In the Varsity match, the Gators pulled ahead 7-4, 9-6, 11-7, and 19-12 on kills by Lauren WillihnganzAriana ElliotRaeanne Rothgery, and Zoe Ryan Terra, and a set of three great saves by Dani Powell, Jasmine Cummings, and Elliot, before a Rams timeout. Then Rams mounted a comeback to make it 20-19. The Rams coach called a timeout and complained to the referees about Gator fans that seemed to leave the Gators out of sorts. It was 20-22 before the Gators regained their focus for a sideout, but then a 3 point Rams run ended the 1st set 22-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators regained their edge and pulled out to a 8-5 lead on a pair of Willihnganz aces, a great Cummings block resulting in a Ryan Terra kill, an Elliot kill, and an Erin Paik ace.

Varsity Green Mt 2017 2 Zoe kill small

(Zoe Ryan Terra's kill.)

The Rams got a 7 point run and managed to retake the lead 12-14. THe Gators battled back with Willihnganz kills, Powell freeball kill, and an Elliot kill to make it 20-19. A Ryan Terra a kill and trio of aces got the Gators a well-deserved 25-21 2nd set win. In the 3rd set, the scores see-sawed to 14-14 with a Ryan Terra, backrow kill, Willihnganz ace and kill, Ryan Terra kills, and Cummings block kill and kill. Then the Rams got a 4 point run. Aces by Paik and Ryan Terra weren't enough, and the Rams took the 3rd set 18-25. In the 4th set, the Gators seemed to be off, as they fell behind 2-6 and 3-8 despite kills by Ryan Terra and Jamie Zimmerman and some terrific rallies, and then the Rams rattled off a 7 point run. Remaining off kilter, the Gators tried to spark a comeback with substitutions but were unable to recover even with a sweet Cummings kill and fell 10-25The Gators' record goes to 4-8 (0-3).

Next up is D'Evelyn on 10/3/17 in the Swamp.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Golden Demons in the Swamp on 9/28/17.

The Woodrow Wilson Wildcat Volleyball team attended the game as part of the Youth Sports Nights.

In the Freshman match, the Gators jumped out t a 6-1 lead with 3 aces by Tanie Guzman. The Demons closed the deficit to 13-12. With Victoria VanDyke serving, the Gators pulled ahead 19-13 on an ace and an Erin Schwaninger kill. The Gators held on with scrappy play to end the 1st set 25-18. In the 2nd set, the Demons pulled ahead early 0-5, but the Gators responded to tie it 10-10 and take a 15-12 lead with aces by SchwaningerVanDyke, and Taylor Freson and kills by Emma Malouff and Alexandria Flores. The Demons clawed back ahead on 3 aces to make it 19-20. The Gators served back into a 23-21 lead on an ace by Aaliya Luna and kills by Freson and Flores. A service error on set and match point opened the window for the Demons and they took advantage with a pair of aces to end it 24-26. In the 3rd set, the Gators steeled themselves bursting out to a 12-3 lead with two aces by Schwaninger and five by VanDyke.

Freshman Golden 2017 5 serving small

(Erin Swaninger keys a Gator run with an ace.)

A pair of kills by Flores and VanDyke sealed the win 15-5. The Gators' record improves to 7-3, 2-0.

In the Level III match, the Gators burst out of the gates with a 10-1 start on 4 aces and a kill by Alyssa LeBeck and aces by Katie DeMink and Hayley Hitchcock. The Demons responded and pulled to 12-10. The Gators surged ahead again powered by aces by Evelynn Brackney, Keiko Tawara, and Maria Tersigni to make it 21-12. Another ace by LeBeck and solid play ended the 1st set 25-14. In the 2nd set, the Demons started stronger making it 1-4. The Gators responded keyed by a DeMink kill to retake the lead 6-4. Well-matched played got it to 10-10. A trio of Tersigni aces made it 17-13, but the Demons battled back to 18-16. Strong Gator teamwork and aces by Hitchcock and DeMink made it 24-18. A final Demons' run ended with a service error to end the 2nd 25-22.The Gators'record improves to 6-5 (2-1).

In the JV match, the Gators edged ahead 7-4 with a pair of block kills by Ari Walker. The Demons responded taking a 8-11 lead before the Gators tied it with a kill by Samantha Trujillo. 4 & 7 point Demon runs followed by a net call ended the 1st 14-25. In the 2nd, the Demons surged ahead 1-10. The Gators scrapped back with a Colleen Gill freeball kill and a Tiana LeBeck backrow kill to make it 6-11.

JV Golden 2017 1 small

(Ari Walker attacks.)

A 4 point Demons' run including a rotation error stretched out a Demons lead. The Gators responded with an Alyssa LeBeck ace and backrow kill to get it to 11-15. The Gators edged closer with another Alyssa LeBeck kill to get it to 13-16. Some good rallies kept it close, but another 3 point Demons run made it 14-20. The set ended with a trio of Demon aces to end it 15-25The Gators' record goes to1-6 (0-2).

In the Varsity match, the Demons surged ahead to 3-7 and 4-12 leads despite kills by Lauren Willihnganz. The Gators responded to close it to 8-13, but the Demons surged again to make it 10-20. With Willihnganz serving, the Gators got a 5 point run punctuated by a Raeanne Rothgery kill. The rallies kept ending well for the Demons as they pulled ahead 17-24. A Zoe Ryan Terra kill and some terrific digs by Cammy Schmelzer and Dani Powell kept the Gators alive, but a borderline double call ended the 1st 19-25.

Varsity Golden 2017 1 small

(Zoe Ryan Terra's attack brings her team closer.)

In the 2nd set, the Gators to an early 4-3 lead on an Ariana Elliot kill. The Demons got a 5 point run to flip the lead 6-9. A Gator flurry tied it 12-12 with a block kill then an ace by Ryan Terra, an Erin Paik backrow kill, an Ari Walker block, and a Powell tip kill. The Gators stopped a 3 point Demons run with a Willihnganz kill. 2 and 3 point Demons runs got it to 14-20. The Gators fought back with Willihnganz and Ryan Terra block kills to make it 17-20, but the Demons closed out the 2nd set with a 5 point run to end it 17-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators battled with kills by Willihnganz and Ryan Terra to make it 5-5. The Demons pulled ahead 6-9 before Ryan Terra sparked an 8 point Gator run with a kill, ace, and dig with an Ari Walker kill to force a Demon timeout at 14-9. The Demons managed to tie it with an 8 point run 19-19 and took the lead 19-21 despite some terrific defensive plays by Schmelzer, Rothgery, and Willihnganz. A Rothergery kill and Ryan Terra save helped the Gators regain a 22-21 lead. Despite another Ryan Terra kill, the Demons tied it 24-24. With the set hanging in the balance, both teams battled making it set point for each team, but a pair of Willihnganz kills and a Powell ace brought the Gators the set win 29-27.  In the 4th set, a Willihnganz tip kill, a Powell ace, Walker block kill, and a Willihnganz kill got it to 7-7. The Demons surged ahead to a 8-14 lead with a 5 point run. Kills by Willihnganz and Ryan Terra and a great Powell dig resulting in a Ryan Terra towering backrow kill kept the Gators in it. Still, the Demons edged ahead 12-21. Another Ryan Terra backrow kill and a Willihnganz tip kill weren't enough as the Demons took the 4th set 16-25The Gators' record goes to 4-7 (0-2).

Next up are the Green Mountain Rams (4-7, 0-2) on 10/3/17 in the Swamp.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Wheat Ridge Farmers away on 9/26/17.

Wheat Ridge did not carry a Freshman team, so the Freshmen Gators had a night off. 

In the Level III match, the Farmers proved no match for the Gators as they kept the positive mental attitude up and too quickly swept 25-6 and 25-9.  The Gators'record improves to 5-5 (1-1).

In the JV match, the Gators seemed cold after their 9 days since their last match, as the Farmers went out to a 0-6 lead. The Gators fell behind 5-16 despite a Colleen Gill ace. Finally the Gators got it going with a great save by Sean Rumley off the net to close to 9-16. A Samantha Trujillo kill kept the Gators alive, but the Farmers closed out the 1st set 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators battled with renewed energy with a pair of Tiana LeBeck aces, a pair of Trujillo block kills, and a Sean Rumley ace to get the Gators a 7-6 lead.

JV Wheat Ridge 2017 2 Tiana serve small

(Tiana LeBeck serves an ace.)

The Farmers responded to regain the lead, but the Gators tied it at 11-1 with an Ari Walker kill. The rallies lengthened, but the Farmers kept ratching up their lead despite Rumley and Trujillo kills. Tiana LeBeck helped closed the deficit to 18-20 with a pair of aces, but the Farmers rallied with a 3 point run. The Gators closed to 20-23, but it ended 21-25The Gators' record goes to1-5 (0-1).

In the Varsity match, the Farmers rattled off the 1st 5 points. The Gators responded with a pair of Lauren Willihnganz aces and a Raeanne Rothgery block kill to tie it. The Farmers edged ahead, then the Gators rallied to regain the lead 13-12 with a Willihnganz block kill, Zoe Ryan Terra ace, Willihnganz kill, and a Dani Powell ace.Then the Gators edged ahead  16-14. A 4 point Farmer run flipped the lead. The Gators responded with a 4 point run on a Jasmine Cummings kill, pair of Willihnganz kills, and a Powell dump kill to make it 21-20, The game's outcome hung in the air. The Gators managed to overcome a missed touch call to survive 3 set points to get it to 27-26 with a Cammy Schmelzer ace. A pair of Farmer points including an ace left the Gator faithful on the edges of their seat. Ryan Terra nailed a kill  for the sideout. Then with Erin Paik serving, the Gators finished off the tense 1st set 30-28 with a kill by Ryan Terra. In the 2nd set, the Gators got a 3-0 lead with kills by Willihnganz and Rothgery, but the Farmers surged ahead to a 6-11 lead. With an ace by Ryan Terra, kills by Willihnganz and Powell, and an ace by Powell, the Gators regained the lead 15-14. The game see-sawed back and forth even with a pair of aces by Schmelzer. A backrow kill by Paik helped get the Gators a 22-20 lead. A Willihnganz kill and a great dig by Powell, helped seal the set win 25-22. In the 3rd set, the Gators started out with a 3-0 lead with a Powell ace. A pair of Ryan Terra kills and a Cummings ace got it to 10-10. A Paik backrow kill and a Powell ace got the Gators a 14-13 lead. A Cummings kill, Paik dig, and Willihnganz kill made it 20-18.

Varsity Wheat Ridge 2017 8 Lauren kill small

(Lauren Willihnganz brings her team close with a head spinning kill.)

A vociferous Farmers crowd helped cheer the home to tie it 21-21. Then it see-sawed despite nice kills by Willihnganz and Ryan Terra. A Willihnganz kill got it to match point 24-23! The Farmer faithful roared urging on digging deep to keep the match going and suddenly the set ended 25-27. In the 4th set, the Farmers rode the moment to a 2-8 start despite a pair of Willihnganz kills. The Gators rallied to make it 9-10 on a Ryan Terra kill. The Farmers surged haead to make it 11-16. A Willihnganz kill after a Gator timeout stopped the run, and the Gators closed to 16-17 and tied it 18-18 with kills by Ryan Terra and Willihnganz. Fierce rallies got it to 19-20, but the Farmers ended the 4th 20-25 with an ace to bring it to a 1st 5 set match of the season for the Gators. In the 5th set, the Farmers pulled out early to a 2-7 lead despite a sweet backrow kill by Willihnganz. The Gators closed to 5-8 with a nice Cummings block kill. The Farmers surged again to 6-12 despite a Willihnganz kill. A pair of aces by Powell made it 10-12. A Farmer served that rolled off the net made it set point at 10-14. Jamie Zimmerman got a clutch kill to breathe life into the Gators. Unfortunately, the Gators rally ended just short with service error to make it 12-15 for a Farmers come-from-behind win at home. The Gators' record goes to 4-6 (0-1).

Next up is the Golden Demons (3-3?, 1-0) on 9/28/17 in the Swamp.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Centaurus Warriors away on 9/15/17.

In the Freshman match, the match see-sawed the entire way leaving the Gator faithful on the edges of their seats. Tanie Guzman and Victoria Van Dyke had aces, and Van Dyke had a kill along the way, but it was great digs on both teams that got it to 23-22. A Gator service error opened the door for a set point 23-24, but the Warriors returned the favor to tie it. Rae Tasco-Thompson got a timely freeball kill followed by a Vivan Cabajal ace to end the 1st 26-24, and the Gator faithful could breathe. In the 2nd set, the Warriors' defense stiffened, and they surged to a 3-16 lead with 4 aces. Van Dyke responded with 2 aces to make it 7-16, but the deficit proved too large, and the 2nd set ended 12-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators staked out a 3-0 lead with a Cabajal kill and 2 Guzman aces. The Warriors responded with a surge to make it 6-7 despite a Erin Schwaninger ace and an Emma Malouff kill. The Gators revved up their team play and battled to take a 11-8 lead. The Warriors responded with a burst to tie it 12-12. Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith calmly knocked down a pair of aces to finish off the Warriors 15-12.

Freshman Centaurus 2017 Jaimie serve match point small

(Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith serves an ace for the match point.)

With the win, the Gators' record improves to 3-1 (0-0).


In the Level III match, the match see-sawed back and forth to 11-11 with freeball kill by Katie DeMink, aces by Hayley Hitchcock, DeMink, and kills by Keiko Tawara and Maria Tersigni. The Gators surged to take a 18-13 lead with aces by Alyssa LeBeck and Hitchcock and kills by DeMink and a block kill by Isabelle Misegadis and held on for a 25-17 win. In the 2nd set, the Gators chomped out a 8-0 lead. Kills by DeMink, Hammack, Tersigni, and Hitchcock and aces by Hitchcock, DeMink, Tersigni, Hammack, and LeBeck gave a well-rounded feel to a well-deserved 25-13 victory.  

Freshman Centaurus 2017 Jaimie serve match point small

(Alyssa LeBeck serves an ace for the match point.)

The Gators'record improves to 2-3 (0-0).


In the JV match, the Warriors pulled out to a 4-10 lead. A 9 point run made it 5-19. A downball kill by Jamie Torbet and ace by Solana Brito made it 9-19. Unfortunately, the Warriors fired off another 5 point run for a 10-25 1st set finish. In the 2nd set, the Gators surged for a 9-5 lead with a kill by Ari Walker and aces by Colleen Gill. A Torbet kill made it 10-6, but then the Warriors got a 8 point run. The Gators responded to tie it 14-14. Another 4 point Warrior run didn't discourage the Gators as they pulled to 20-20 and 21-20 after a Warrior timeout. 2 Warrior aces made it 21-23. The Gators tied it up 23-23, but a Warrior sideout and ace ended it 23-25. The Gators' record goes to1-4 (0-0).


In the Varsity match, the Gators tied it 4-4 before the Warriors surged on a 4 point run and doubled up the Gators 7-14 and 8-16. The Gators were unfazed and closed with a 5 point Lauren Willihnganz serving run. With Erin Paik serving the Gators took the lead punctuated with a Zoe Ryan Terra crosscourt kill.

Varsity Centaurus 2017 Zoe attack small

(Zoe Ryan Terra goes crosscourt for the kill.)

After the Warriors retook the lead, 19-20, the Gators steeled themselves and battled for a 22-20 lead and ultimately took the 1st set 25-23 on a Warrior service error. In the 2nd set, the Warriors surged again for a 7-10 lead before the Gators tied it with scrappy play and a Jasmine Cummings freeball kill. The Gators surged to take a 15-11 lead with Willihnganz kill. Raeanne Rothgery got a terrific dig off the net. Another Cummings kill led to a 21-15 Gator lead. A combined Willihnganz/Ryan Terra block kill and a Cummings kill led to set point 24-18. A final Warrior service error ended it 25-18. The 3rd set started with a 4 point Gator run and a 7 point Warrior run. The Gators responded with a 4 point run, but the Warriors tied it 10-10. With Paik serving, Cummings got a kill to make it 14-10. While serving, Ryan Terra  got a tip kill and Paik added a backrow kill to make it 18-11. Dani Powell served up a pair of aces to deflate the Warriors' chances making it 22-14. With Willihnganz adding another ace, the Gators took the 3rd set 25-20The Gators' record improves to 4-5 (0-0).

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on rival 5A Pomona Panthers away on 9/13/17.

In the Freshman match, the match was close through 6-6 with an ace by Vivan Cabajal and kill by Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith, but the Panthers surged ahead 7-12 with a trio of aces. The Panthers made it 8-16 with scrappy play, and the 1st set ended 14-25. The 2nd set see-sawed to 8-8. Kate Vogler got a pair of aces to get it to 12-8. The Panthers tied it at 14s and took the lead with an ace. Tomika Tawara got a pair of aces, and Victoria Van Dyke got a kill to make it 21-15. The Panthers clawed back with a pair of aces to tie it 22-22 and then 24-24, but with Aaliya Luna serving, the Gators pulled out the 2nd set 26-24. In the 3rd set, the Gators pulled ahead 5-0 with energetic play, a freeball kill by Cabajal, and an ace by Erin Schwaninger.

Freshman Pomona 2017 serve small

After a couple of Panther points, the Gators rattled off another 5 point run with a pair of aces by Van Dyke. A freeball kill by Tawara and a block kill by Boese-Rhinesmith sealed the victory 15-5. With the win, the Gators' record improves to 2-1 (0-0).


In the Level III match, the match was characterized by runs of 5 points by the Panthers and 6 points for the Gators with aces by Alyssa LeBeck and Katie DeMink. Aces by Ravan Hammack  and a Hayley Hitchcock kill got the Gators a 20-19 lead. A pair of aces by Hitchcock got the Gators to set point 24-22.

Level III Pomona 2017 Hayley Hitchcock serve small

(Hayley Hitchcock serves.)

The Panthers tied it with a net call and ace, but DeMink got the Gators the 26-24 set win with another ace. The Panthers surged ahead 2-8 in the 2nd set, but the Gators closed to 11-12 on an ace by Maria Tersigni. The Gators kept it close through 18-20, when the Panthers got a 4 point run to get it to set point and prevailed 19-25. In the 3rd set, both teams battled hard. Alyssa LeBeck tied it 8-8 with a tip kill, but the Panthers got a 4 point run punctuated with an ace. The Gators battled back to make it 14-14 with a Jacquelyn Jankowsky kill and serious scrapping. After a timeout, the Gators got it to set and match point, but the Panthers matched the scrappiness and won with an ace 15-17 for the match. The Gators'goes to 1-3 (0-0).


In the JV match, Tiana LeBeck started with an ace. Sean Rumley and Sydney Schmelzer kills kept it close to 8-8. 3 aces got the Panthers the 10-17 lead. Despite kills by Tiana LeBeck and Samantha Trujillo, the Panthers made it 12-18. Then Gators' got a 13 point run despite 2 Pomona timeouts starting with another Trujillo kill and followed with great play and an ace by Colleen Gill, kills by Sydney Schmelzer, and an Ari Walker kill for a 25-18 1st set win. The 2nd set stayed close to a 10-10 tie, then the Panthers ran off a 7 point run. The Gators edged closer with kills by Rumley, Schmelzer, Jamie Torbet, a great dig by LeBeck, and an ace by Walker to make it 17-19 A 3 point Panther run and a Gill kill got it to 19-22, but a service error gave the Panthers the serve and they closed it out with a block kill making it 19-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators started strong with a 4 point run including an ace by Gill, a Walker kill, and a Faith Nightingale block kill.

JV Pomona 2017 Gill ace

(Colleen Gill gets an ace.)

The Panthers tied it up 5-5, but the Gators pulled ahead 8-7. The Panthers got a key 5 point run; however, the Gators didn't fade as they tied it 12-12 on a block kill by Sean Rumley. The Gators got it to match point 14-13, but somehow the Panthers clawed out a side out and took the set 14-16 for the match win. The Gators' record goes to1-3 (0-0).


In the Varsity match, the Gators began with a 5 point run will a kill by Lauren Willihnganz and a block kill by Raeanne Rothgery but the Panthers answered with an 8 point run.The Gators closed to 11-12 with a  Jasmine Cummings kill.  

Varsity Pomona 2017 Jasmine kill small

(Jasmine Cummings gets a kill.)

The Gators stopped a 4 point Panther run with a  Zoe Ryan Terra, backrow kill, but another 3 point Panther run made it 13-21. The Gators didn't give up and got it to 17-23 with a pair of Willihnganz kills and an ace, but the Panthers prevailed ending the 1st 18-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators also got the early lead with a pair of kills by Willihnganz and a great save by Dani Powell. After a 7-7 tie, the Panthers surged with a 4 point run. The Gators battled back to 12-13 with a Ryan Terra block kill and a Willihnganz kill. The Panthers edged ahead 15-18 and then took the set with a 7 point run that included 3 aces to end the 2nd 15-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators seemed unfocused and the Panthers smelled a win as they got a pair of 6 point runs making it 1-12. A Gator surge pulled it closer at 7-15, but the Panther offense pounced and took the 3rd set 12-25. The Gators' record goes to 3-5 (0-0).


Next up is Centaurus away on 9/15/17.