Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the 2nd ranked D'Evelyn Jaguars in the Swamp on 10/5/17.

In the Freshman match, the match see-sawed to a 8-8 tie with aces by Taylor Freson and Tanie Guzman. Then the Gators went on an 8 point run with kills by Alexandria Flores, Alex Bisecka-Gomez, and Rae Tasco-Thompson and an ace by Erin Schwaninger. With good court coverage, the Gators got another 7 point run to close out the 1st set with a trio of aces by Tomiko Tawara 25-14.

Freshman DEvelyn 2017 1 Tomiko ace small

(Tomiko Tawara aces another to end the 1st set.)

In the 2nd set, the Gators gradually ratched up a lead 5-3, 9-5, 12-6, 15-8, and 18-11 with aces by Victoria VanDyke, Tawara, Aaliya Luna, kills by Tawara, Schwaninger, and Taylor Freson. Again great court coverage and teamwork kept the Gators rolling, and Tawara closed it out with a pair of aces to end it 25-15. The Gators' record improves to 9-3, 4-0.

In the Level III match, the match see-sawed to 12-12 with kills by Hayley Hitchcock and aces by Hayley HitchcockRavan Hammack, and Maria Tersigni. Then the Gators pulled ahead with a 5 point run with another Hitchcock kill, pair of Katie Demink kills, Hammack kill, and an ace by Alyssa LeBeck to make it 19-15. The Gators closed out the 1st set on a 3 point run ending with an ace by Hammack to take the 1st set 25-19.  In the 2nd set, the scores see-sawed a bit to 14-14, but that was with a 4 point Jaguar run and a 6 point Gator run with a nice block kill by Hitchcock, kills and an ace by Demink, a Jacquelyn Jankovsky kill, and a trio of Elena Martinez kills.

Level III DEvelyn 2017 Jacquelyn attack small

(Jacquelyn Jankovsky gets a kill.)

Then the Jaguars pulled ahead with a 4 point run including 2 aces. Martinez stopped the run with a kill. The Gators closed it to 16-18 and 18-21, but the Jaguars closed out the set with a 4 point run to end the 2nd 18-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators kept edging ahead 4-2, 5-3, 8-4, 10-7, and 12-8 with a Demink block kill, Hitchcock ace, Demink kill, Jankovsky kill, and a pair of Maria Tersigni digs and save leading to an energizing Demink kill. With the renewed energy, the Gators closed it out with an Alyssa LeBeck kill and 2 point rally to end it 15-11The Gators'record improves to 7-6 (3-2).

In the JV match, after an early 3-2 Gator lead with a Sean Rumley kill, the Jaguars ratcheted up leads 3-8, 6-10, 8-14, and 9-17 despite kills by Ari Walker and Rumley and ace by Tiana LeBeck.

JV DEvelyn 2017 1 Sean attack small

(Sydney Schmelzer gets a kill.)

The Gators closed to 15-19 with scrappy play and a block kill by Ari Walker and kill by Sydney Schmelzer, but the Jaguars closed with a 6 point run to end the 1st set 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Jaguars got 4, 5, and 3 point runs to make it 3-12. The Gators kept scrapping as exemplified by a Tiana LeBeck save and attacks by Schmelzer and Walker, but the Jaguars kept digging successfully. A nice Samantha Trujillo kill made it 7-17. Another Trujillo kill ended a 4 point Jaguar run. A sweet Colleen Gill dig and another Trujillo kill got it to 11-23, but the Jaguars prevailed 12-25The Gators' record goes to1-8 (0-4).

In the Varsity match, the Gators faced a tough task and tied it 4-4 with a Raeanne Rothgery kill and a Lauren Willihnganz ace. Then the Jaguars pulled off a 12 point run finding small seams in the Gator defense.

Varsity DEvelyn 2017 1 Zoe BR attack small

(Zoe Ryan Terra's backrow attack.)

Despite another Willihnganz kill and Dani Powell ace, the Jaguars took the 1st set 10-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators 2-0 lead was followed by 5 and 4 point Jaguar runs. A Zoe Ryan Terra kill got it to 6-12. A nice Rothgery tip kill, Jasmine Cummings kill, nice Erin Paik dig, and Willihnganz kill pulled the Gators to 9-13, but the Jaguars overpowered the Gators to take the 2nd set 12-25. In the 3rd set, again the Gators got a 2-0 lead with a Cummings block kill and a Willihnganz kill before the Jaguars buzzed off a 10 point run including 3 aces. A Willihnganz tip kill ended the run. A Jamie Zimmerman kill got it to 5-13. A trio of Jaguar aces aided a 4 point run stopped by a Ryan Terra tip kill. A Jaguar rotation error and Willihnganz kill made it 9-19. The Jaguars closed out the 3rd set and match 9-25The Gators' record goes to 4-9 (0-4). Interestingly, the site does not list their win over the Northglenn Norse, but their full record can be seen here.

Next up is Evergreen (9-5, 2-2) away on 10/10/17.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Green Mountain Rams in the Swamp on 10/3/17.

In the Freshman match, the Gators pulled out to a 7-1 lead sparked by a 4 point run including a pair of aces by Erin Schwaninger. The Rams closed to within 4 point, but another 7 point run with Tomiko Tawara, libero, serving an ace got it to 18-7. Another 6 point run with Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith serving a pair of aces and Victoria VanDyke getting a tip kill made it 24-8. A Ram service error ended it 25-10. In the 2nd set, the Rams got an early lead making it 4-6 before a Boese-Rhinesmith tip kill ended the run and sparked a 9 point run including 3 more aces by Tawara.

Freshmen Green Mt 2017 2 Tomiko serve small

(Tomiko Tawara aces another.)

Another Boese-Rhinesmith tip kill and a 3 point run made it 16-8. Schwaninger sparked another run with a kill, and Tanie Guzman served out the set and match with a 9 point run including an ace and a Tawara free ball kill to end it 25-10. The Gators' record improves to 8-3, 3-0.

In the Level III match, the match see-sawed  at 3-5, 8-5, 11-6, 13-15, and 14-16 with a kill by Hayley Hitchcock, a block kill by Ravan Hammack, and an Isabelle Misegadis kill. Then a pair of aces by the Rams got them a 6 point run, making it 15-22, and the 1st set ended 18-25. In the 2nd set, the scores see-sawed again 3-2, 5-6, 10-9, 13-9 with aces by Alyssa LeBeck, Hitchcock, Katie DeMink, a kills by Misegadis.

Level III Green Mt 2017 1 Hayley attack small

(Hayley Hitchcock attacks.)

Then the Rams went ahead 13-15. The Gators pulled ahead with a 8 point run  with Keiko Tawara serving a pair of aces and DeMink getting a kill. Interestingly the Rams called a 3rd timeout without consequence. A Hitchcock kill got the Gators refocused. A Maria Tersigni kill made it 24-17, and the Gators closed out the 2nd set 25-21. In the 3rd set, a pair of LeBeck aces, a great Hammack save, a Hitchcock block kill, and a Tawara aces got it to 10-10. Then the Rams pulled off a 4 point run before a Gator timeout, but the set ended 10-15The Gators'record goes to 6-6 (2-2).

In the JV match, the Gators kept the scores close getting it to 12-12 on a Solana Brito freeball kill, an Ari Walker kill, Jamie Torbet ace, a combo Sean Rumley/Walker block kill, and a Rumley kill.

JV Green Mt 2017 3 Walker kill small

(Ari Walker gets a kill.)

Then the Rams rattled off a 5 point run. The Gators responded with a 3 point run, but Rams kept ahead, despite a Walker kill, great Rumley save, and a DeMink tip kill, to take the 1st set 18-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators pulled ahead 5-0 sparked by another Rumley kill. The Rams tied it up. With Maria Tersigni serving an ace, the Gators got a 4 point run but were called for a net violation. Then Rams tied it. A Gator sideout made it 11-10, but a perplexing series of bounces got the Rams a 15 point run to end the set 11-25The Gators' record goes to1-7 (0-3) despite stretches of good Gator effort.


In the Varsity match, the Gators pulled ahead 7-4, 9-6, 11-7, and 19-12 on kills by Lauren WillihnganzAriana ElliotRaeanne Rothgery, and Zoe Ryan Terra, and a set of three great saves by Dani Powell, Jasmine Cummings, and Elliot, before a Rams timeout. Then Rams mounted a comeback to make it 20-19. The Rams coach called a timeout and complained to the referees about Gator fans that seemed to leave the Gators out of sorts. It was 20-22 before the Gators regained their focus for a sideout, but then a 3 point Rams run ended the 1st set 22-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators regained their edge and pulled out to a 8-5 lead on a pair of Willihnganz aces, a great Cummings block resulting in a Ryan Terra kill, an Elliot kill, and an Erin Paik ace.

Varsity Green Mt 2017 2 Zoe kill small

(Zoe Ryan Terra's kill.)

The Rams got a 7 point run and managed to retake the lead 12-14. THe Gators battled back with Willihnganz kills, Powell freeball kill, and an Elliot kill to make it 20-19. A Ryan Terra a kill and trio of aces got the Gators a well-deserved 25-21 2nd set win. In the 3rd set, the scores see-sawed to 14-14 with a Ryan Terra, backrow kill, Willihnganz ace and kill, Ryan Terra kills, and Cummings block kill and kill. Then the Rams got a 4 point run. Aces by Paik and Ryan Terra weren't enough, and the Rams took the 3rd set 18-25. In the 4th set, the Gators seemed to be off, as they fell behind 2-6 and 3-8 despite kills by Ryan Terra and Jamie Zimmerman and some terrific rallies, and then the Rams rattled off a 7 point run. Remaining off kilter, the Gators tried to spark a comeback with substitutions but were unable to recover even with a sweet Cummings kill and fell 10-25The Gators' record goes to 4-8 (0-3).

Next up is D'Evelyn on 10/3/17 in the Swamp.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Golden Demons in the Swamp on 9/28/17.

The Woodrow Wilson Wildcat Volleyball team attended the game as part of the Youth Sports Nights.

In the Freshman match, the Gators jumped out t a 6-1 lead with 3 aces by Tanie Guzman. The Demons closed the deficit to 13-12. With Victoria VanDyke serving, the Gators pulled ahead 19-13 on an ace and an Erin Schwaninger kill. The Gators held on with scrappy play to end the 1st set 25-18. In the 2nd set, the Demons pulled ahead early 0-5, but the Gators responded to tie it 10-10 and take a 15-12 lead with aces by SchwaningerVanDyke, and Taylor Freson and kills by Emma Malouff and Alexandria Flores. The Demons clawed back ahead on 3 aces to make it 19-20. The Gators served back into a 23-21 lead on an ace by Aaliya Luna and kills by Freson and Flores. A service error on set and match point opened the window for the Demons and they took advantage with a pair of aces to end it 24-26. In the 3rd set, the Gators steeled themselves bursting out to a 12-3 lead with two aces by Schwaninger and five by VanDyke.

Freshman Golden 2017 5 serving small

(Erin Swaninger keys a Gator run with an ace.)

A pair of kills by Flores and VanDyke sealed the win 15-5. The Gators' record improves to 7-3, 2-0.

In the Level III match, the Gators burst out of the gates with a 10-1 start on 4 aces and a kill by Alyssa LeBeck and aces by Katie DeMink and Hayley Hitchcock. The Demons responded and pulled to 12-10. The Gators surged ahead again powered by aces by Evelynn Brackney, Keiko Tawara, and Maria Tersigni to make it 21-12. Another ace by LeBeck and solid play ended the 1st set 25-14. In the 2nd set, the Demons started stronger making it 1-4. The Gators responded keyed by a DeMink kill to retake the lead 6-4. Well-matched played got it to 10-10. A trio of Tersigni aces made it 17-13, but the Demons battled back to 18-16. Strong Gator teamwork and aces by Hitchcock and DeMink made it 24-18. A final Demons' run ended with a service error to end the 2nd 25-22.The Gators'record improves to 6-5 (2-1).

In the JV match, the Gators edged ahead 7-4 with a pair of block kills by Ari Walker. The Demons responded taking a 8-11 lead before the Gators tied it with a kill by Samantha Trujillo. 4 & 7 point Demon runs followed by a net call ended the 1st 14-25. In the 2nd, the Demons surged ahead 1-10. The Gators scrapped back with a Colleen Gill freeball kill and a Tiana LeBeck backrow kill to make it 6-11.

JV Golden 2017 1 small

(Ari Walker attacks.)

A 4 point Demons' run including a rotation error stretched out a Demons lead. The Gators responded with an Alyssa LeBeck ace and backrow kill to get it to 11-15. The Gators edged closer with another Alyssa LeBeck kill to get it to 13-16. Some good rallies kept it close, but another 3 point Demons run made it 14-20. The set ended with a trio of Demon aces to end it 15-25The Gators' record goes to1-6 (0-2).

In the Varsity match, the Demons surged ahead to 3-7 and 4-12 leads despite kills by Lauren Willihnganz. The Gators responded to close it to 8-13, but the Demons surged again to make it 10-20. With Willihnganz serving, the Gators got a 5 point run punctuated by a Raeanne Rothgery kill. The rallies kept ending well for the Demons as they pulled ahead 17-24. A Zoe Ryan Terra kill and some terrific digs by Cammy Schmelzer and Dani Powell kept the Gators alive, but a borderline double call ended the 1st 19-25.

Varsity Golden 2017 1 small

(Zoe Ryan Terra's attack brings her team closer.)

In the 2nd set, the Gators to an early 4-3 lead on an Ariana Elliot kill. The Demons got a 5 point run to flip the lead 6-9. A Gator flurry tied it 12-12 with a block kill then an ace by Ryan Terra, an Erin Paik backrow kill, an Ari Walker block, and a Powell tip kill. The Gators stopped a 3 point Demons run with a Willihnganz kill. 2 and 3 point Demons runs got it to 14-20. The Gators fought back with Willihnganz and Ryan Terra block kills to make it 17-20, but the Demons closed out the 2nd set with a 5 point run to end it 17-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators battled with kills by Willihnganz and Ryan Terra to make it 5-5. The Demons pulled ahead 6-9 before Ryan Terra sparked an 8 point Gator run with a kill, ace, and dig with an Ari Walker kill to force a Demon timeout at 14-9. The Demons managed to tie it with an 8 point run 19-19 and took the lead 19-21 despite some terrific defensive plays by Schmelzer, Rothgery, and Willihnganz. A Rothergery kill and Ryan Terra save helped the Gators regain a 22-21 lead. Despite another Ryan Terra kill, the Demons tied it 24-24. With the set hanging in the balance, both teams battled making it set point for each team, but a pair of Willihnganz kills and a Powell ace brought the Gators the set win 29-27.  In the 4th set, a Willihnganz tip kill, a Powell ace, Walker block kill, and a Willihnganz kill got it to 7-7. The Demons surged ahead to a 8-14 lead with a 5 point run. Kills by Willihnganz and Ryan Terra and a great Powell dig resulting in a Ryan Terra towering backrow kill kept the Gators in it. Still, the Demons edged ahead 12-21. Another Ryan Terra backrow kill and a Willihnganz tip kill weren't enough as the Demons took the 4th set 16-25The Gators' record goes to 4-7 (0-2).

Next up are the Green Mountain Rams (4-7, 0-2) on 10/3/17 in the Swamp.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Wheat Ridge Farmers away on 9/26/17.

Wheat Ridge did not carry a Freshman team, so the Freshmen Gators had a night off. 

In the Level III match, the Farmers proved no match for the Gators as they kept the positive mental attitude up and too quickly swept 25-6 and 25-9.  The Gators'record improves to 5-5 (1-1).

In the JV match, the Gators seemed cold after their 9 days since their last match, as the Farmers went out to a 0-6 lead. The Gators fell behind 5-16 despite a Colleen Gill ace. Finally the Gators got it going with a great save by Sean Rumley off the net to close to 9-16. A Samantha Trujillo kill kept the Gators alive, but the Farmers closed out the 1st set 15-25. In the 2nd set, the Gators battled with renewed energy with a pair of Tiana LeBeck aces, a pair of Trujillo block kills, and a Sean Rumley ace to get the Gators a 7-6 lead.

JV Wheat Ridge 2017 2 Tiana serve small

(Tiana LeBeck serves an ace.)

The Farmers responded to regain the lead, but the Gators tied it at 11-1 with an Ari Walker kill. The rallies lengthened, but the Farmers kept ratching up their lead despite Rumley and Trujillo kills. Tiana LeBeck helped closed the deficit to 18-20 with a pair of aces, but the Farmers rallied with a 3 point run. The Gators closed to 20-23, but it ended 21-25The Gators' record goes to1-5 (0-1).

In the Varsity match, the Farmers rattled off the 1st 5 points. The Gators responded with a pair of Lauren Willihnganz aces and a Raeanne Rothgery block kill to tie it. The Farmers edged ahead, then the Gators rallied to regain the lead 13-12 with a Willihnganz block kill, Zoe Ryan Terra ace, Willihnganz kill, and a Dani Powell ace.Then the Gators edged ahead  16-14. A 4 point Farmer run flipped the lead. The Gators responded with a 4 point run on a Jasmine Cummings kill, pair of Willihnganz kills, and a Powell dump kill to make it 21-20, The game's outcome hung in the air. The Gators managed to overcome a missed touch call to survive 3 set points to get it to 27-26 with a Cammy Schmelzer ace. A pair of Farmer points including an ace left the Gator faithful on the edges of their seat. Ryan Terra nailed a kill  for the sideout. Then with Erin Paik serving, the Gators finished off the tense 1st set 30-28 with a kill by Ryan Terra. In the 2nd set, the Gators got a 3-0 lead with kills by Willihnganz and Rothgery, but the Farmers surged ahead to a 6-11 lead. With an ace by Ryan Terra, kills by Willihnganz and Powell, and an ace by Powell, the Gators regained the lead 15-14. The game see-sawed back and forth even with a pair of aces by Schmelzer. A backrow kill by Paik helped get the Gators a 22-20 lead. A Willihnganz kill and a great dig by Powell, helped seal the set win 25-22. In the 3rd set, the Gators started out with a 3-0 lead with a Powell ace. A pair of Ryan Terra kills and a Cummings ace got it to 10-10. A Paik backrow kill and a Powell ace got the Gators a 14-13 lead. A Cummings kill, Paik dig, and Willihnganz kill made it 20-18.

Varsity Wheat Ridge 2017 8 Lauren kill small

(Lauren Willihnganz brings her team close with a head spinning kill.)

A vociferous Farmers crowd helped cheer the home to tie it 21-21. Then it see-sawed despite nice kills by Willihnganz and Ryan Terra. A Willihnganz kill got it to match point 24-23! The Farmer faithful roared urging on digging deep to keep the match going and suddenly the set ended 25-27. In the 4th set, the Farmers rode the moment to a 2-8 start despite a pair of Willihnganz kills. The Gators rallied to make it 9-10 on a Ryan Terra kill. The Farmers surged haead to make it 11-16. A Willihnganz kill after a Gator timeout stopped the run, and the Gators closed to 16-17 and tied it 18-18 with kills by Ryan Terra and Willihnganz. Fierce rallies got it to 19-20, but the Farmers ended the 4th 20-25 with an ace to bring it to a 1st 5 set match of the season for the Gators. In the 5th set, the Farmers pulled out early to a 2-7 lead despite a sweet backrow kill by Willihnganz. The Gators closed to 5-8 with a nice Cummings block kill. The Farmers surged again to 6-12 despite a Willihnganz kill. A pair of aces by Powell made it 10-12. A Farmer served that rolled off the net made it set point at 10-14. Jamie Zimmerman got a clutch kill to breathe life into the Gators. Unfortunately, the Gators rally ended just short with service error to make it 12-15 for a Farmers come-from-behind win at home. The Gators' record goes to 4-6 (0-1).

Next up is the Golden Demons (3-3?, 1-0) on 9/28/17 in the Swamp.

Your Standley Lake Lady Gators took on the Centaurus Warriors away on 9/15/17.

In the Freshman match, the match see-sawed the entire way leaving the Gator faithful on the edges of their seats. Tanie Guzman and Victoria Van Dyke had aces, and Van Dyke had a kill along the way, but it was great digs on both teams that got it to 23-22. A Gator service error opened the door for a set point 23-24, but the Warriors returned the favor to tie it. Rae Tasco-Thompson got a timely freeball kill followed by a Vivan Cabajal ace to end the 1st 26-24, and the Gator faithful could breathe. In the 2nd set, the Warriors' defense stiffened, and they surged to a 3-16 lead with 4 aces. Van Dyke responded with 2 aces to make it 7-16, but the deficit proved too large, and the 2nd set ended 12-25. In the 3rd set, the Gators staked out a 3-0 lead with a Cabajal kill and 2 Guzman aces. The Warriors responded with a surge to make it 6-7 despite a Erin Schwaninger ace and an Emma Malouff kill. The Gators revved up their team play and battled to take a 11-8 lead. The Warriors responded with a burst to tie it 12-12. Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith calmly knocked down a pair of aces to finish off the Warriors 15-12.

Freshman Centaurus 2017 Jaimie serve match point small

(Jaimie Boese-Rhinesmith serves an ace for the match point.)

With the win, the Gators' record improves to 3-1 (0-0).


In the Level III match, the match see-sawed back and forth to 11-11 with freeball kill by Katie DeMink, aces by Hayley Hitchcock, DeMink, and kills by Keiko Tawara and Maria Tersigni. The Gators surged to take a 18-13 lead with aces by Alyssa LeBeck and Hitchcock and kills by DeMink and a block kill by Isabelle Misegadis and held on for a 25-17 win. In the 2nd set, the Gators chomped out a 8-0 lead. Kills by DeMink, Hammack, Tersigni, and Hitchcock and aces by Hitchcock, DeMink, Tersigni, Hammack, and LeBeck gave a well-rounded feel to a well-deserved 25-13 victory.  

Freshman Centaurus 2017 Jaimie serve match point small

(Alyssa LeBeck serves an ace for the match point.)

The Gators'record improves to 2-3 (0-0).


In the JV match, the Warriors pulled out to a 4-10 lead. A 9 point run made it 5-19. A downball kill by Jamie Torbet and ace by Solana Brito made it 9-19. Unfortunately, the Warriors fired off another 5 point run for a 10-25 1st set finish. In the 2nd set, the Gators surged for a 9-5 lead with a kill by Ari Walker and aces by Colleen Gill. A Torbet kill made it 10-6, but then the Warriors got a 8 point run. The Gators responded to tie it 14-14. Another 4 point Warrior run didn't discourage the Gators as they pulled to 20-20 and 21-20 after a Warrior timeout. 2 Warrior aces made it 21-23. The Gators tied it up 23-23, but a Warrior sideout and ace ended it 23-25. The Gators' record goes to1-4 (0-0).


In the Varsity match, the Gators tied it 4-4 before the Warriors surged on a 4 point run and doubled up the Gators 7-14 and 8-16. The Gators were unfazed and closed with a 5 point Lauren Willihnganz serving run. With Erin Paik serving the Gators took the lead punctuated with a Zoe Ryan Terra crosscourt kill.

Varsity Centaurus 2017 Zoe attack small

(Zoe Ryan Terra goes crosscourt for the kill.)

After the Warriors retook the lead, 19-20, the Gators steeled themselves and battled for a 22-20 lead and ultimately took the 1st set 25-23 on a Warrior service error. In the 2nd set, the Warriors surged again for a 7-10 lead before the Gators tied it with scrappy play and a Jasmine Cummings freeball kill. The Gators surged to take a 15-11 lead with Willihnganz kill. Raeanne Rothgery got a terrific dig off the net. Another Cummings kill led to a 21-15 Gator lead. A combined Willihnganz/Ryan Terra block kill and a Cummings kill led to set point 24-18. A final Warrior service error ended it 25-18. The 3rd set started with a 4 point Gator run and a 7 point Warrior run. The Gators responded with a 4 point run, but the Warriors tied it 10-10. With Paik serving, Cummings got a kill to make it 14-10. While serving, Ryan Terra  got a tip kill and Paik added a backrow kill to make it 18-11. Dani Powell served up a pair of aces to deflate the Warriors' chances making it 22-14. With Willihnganz adding another ace, the Gators took the 3rd set 25-20The Gators' record improves to 4-5 (0-0).