SLAB Membership Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2014




Meeting called to order:  7:10 pm


21 members and guests were present (Rick Gutierrez, Glen Seberg, PJ Rosendahl, Mike Willihnganz, Evette Shileny, Mike Manzanares, Rick Cruz, Elyce Jarvis, Gyda Torbet, Cindy Gutierrez, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Brown, Leo Paik, Rick Cruz, Adam Baca, Jami DelMonico, Kharynn France, Alyssa Torin Berge, Cass Chatfield, Katelyn Alipati, Lance Bethel, Deena Bethe).


Introductions and Greetings take place

·         Guests are offered the floor first to introduce their items.


Kaitlyn Alapati introduces – The Installation

·         Also called Duende – it is a Run, Walk Crawl ½ Marathon beginning at SLHS and ending at NAAC.  Since ‘Actions speak louder than words’ the start of the run will be silent.  This group wants to take advantage of our 501c3 for donations through REACH.  Boosters will be needed to support online credit card processing and donations and payment of vendors via REACH

·         Discussion held on race format vs. official course and who to invite and include in Installation


REACH – Adam and Jami

·         REACH is now on Twitter and everyone should follow them.

·         Day Without Hate for 2015 will take place at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

·         REACH is willing to support Duende for any needs they have

·         REACH will be hosting a ‘Clean Up Day’ at SLHS on August 2nd.  Boosters offered tents and coolers and music for those who participate


Cass Chatfield

·         Discussed the Choir and Band and Orchestra changes over the year

·         Would like to attempt to have live Gator Singers at every event where the National Anthem is required.  If her singers are not available, she would like to provide a recording of the Gator singers to be played instead of Whitney Houston

·         Proposes that SLAB change its name to reflect the broader role the organization has taken on.  Perhaps just Standley Lake Boosters


Approval of previous Minutes:

·         PJ motions to approve minutes provided from May Membership meeting.  Evette 2nds the motion.  Unanimous consent approves the motion to accept the minutes.  


Treasurer’s Report :

·         The current P&L and Balance sheet are distributed.  Rick explains how the booster accounting works.  Mike W is working with Nancy on transition 


Vice Presidents Report

·         Nothing of note report


Athletic Director Report (Jodi Reinhard):

·         Not present, no report


President’s Report (Rick Gutierrez):

·         Review Board elections during Membership meeting in May. Noted 8 members elected to Board and Mike Brown volunteered to fill 9th position.

·         PJ motions to fill vacant board position with Mike Brown.  Elyce seconds the motion.  Motion is approved an Mike B fills the spot.


Committee Reports:

·         Rick provides high level overview of the committees for those in attendance (time is running short)

·         Mike M volunteers to help Kharynn with Gator Gear

·         Mike B is willing to jump in on Membership



Jog-in-the-Bog Committee

·         Glenn Seberg provides update on JITB.

·         Artwork is selected and complete.

·         Plans to grow registration with addition of REACH and other clubs and organizations



New officer positions

·         Rick polls the Board Members who have expressed an interest in taking on officer rolls.  Members are nominated or volunteer for the following positions

o    President – PJ Rosendall

o    Vice President – Mike Manzanares

o    Vice President – Mike Brown

o    Secretary – Jennifer Lawrence

o    Treasurer – Mike Willihnganz 

·         Evette motions to approve the slate of officers who volunteer or were nominated as above.  Gyda Seconds the motion.  The motion passes and the new Officers are seated.




Adjournment:  9:05 pm