The Lady Gators Basketball Varsity team took on the Littleton Lions in the 2nd game of the League Tournament in the Swamp.

The Lions began the game with a three. Hanna Davis was fouled and hit a free throw. Then the Lions got on a 7 point run with another three and a pair of baskets. Meghan DeHerrera hit a pair of free throws to stop the run. Hayley Davis added another pair of free throws. The Lions hit another three and a bucket. Hayley Davis added a putback and a hoop (assist by Jacqui Dunnigan) to end the quarter 9-15. In the 2nd, Casey Torbet was fouled and hit both of her 1-and-1 free throws. Camille Garcia (2 pts, reb) closed it to 13-15 with a basket. Karah Burkel hit a free throw and Jacqui Dunnigan nailed a three to give the Gators their first lead 17-15. Then it was a see-saw battle as the Lions tied it with a bucket, and Casey Torbet got a hoop; the Lions hit a basket, and Caylie Hartman (2 pts, 3 reb) got a bucket; The Lions got another hoop, and Hanna Davis completed a three point play. Jacqui Dunnigan hit another three (assist by Torbet) to get it to 27-21. The Lions responded with a three with 0:48 to go in the half. Hayley Davis hit a jumper (assist by Hanna Davis). Then the Lions hit a pair of free throws, and Hanna Davis got a putback to end the half 31-26. In the 3rd, Hayley Davis hit a free throw and a hoop to make it 34-26. Karah Burkel (3 pts, 3 reb, block) got a basket to get the lead to 10. The Lions got a free throw and a bucket. The Gators slowed the pace and then Hayley Davis hit a hoop (assist by DeHerrera), and Megahn DeHerrera got a basket on a breakaway to get it to 40-29. The Lions hit a pair of free throws and a basket after a timeout. Jacqui Dunnigan (8 pts, asst, reb) got a bucket to get it to 42-33. The Lions capitalized on a Gator turnover to get the final hoop of the 3rd to make it 42-35. In the 4th, Casey Torbet (6 pts, asst, 6 reb) drove and hit a layup to start. The Lions took advantage of a pair of Gator turnovers to make it 44-40 with a basket and a three. Hanna Davis (8 pts, asst, 14 reb, steal, block) was fouled and hit her free throws, but the Lions got open looks and hit a three, a 1-and-1 free throw, another free throw, and then took the lead with a pair of free throws, a basket, and a trey to make it 46-52. Meghan DeHerrera (6 pts, asst, 4 reb) stopped the Lions' 12 point run with a bucket with ~2 minutes to go. Desperate to save clock, the Gators started to foul. Initially it worked as the Lions missed their first 4 free throws. With a minute to go, the Lions hit a double bonus free throw. Then Hayley Davis was fouled and she hit her free throws to get it to 50-53 with 0:48 to go. The Gators fouled twice, and the Lions hit a free throw and two double bonus free throws. Still battling, Hayley Davis (17 pts, 16 reb, steal, block) was fouled and hit her free throws to make it 52-55 with 0:23 to go. Fouled out of desperation, the Lions hit their next 4 free throws to end it 52-59

Varsity Littleton2 7 small

(The Gators battle to the end.)

The Gators record goes to 14-9, 8-7. The Gators went 17-54 (31%) from the field and 18-20 (90%) from the line. The Lions (17-6, 11-4) went 18-55 (33%) from the field and 16-31 (52%) from the line. The Lions hit 7 three pointers. 

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Littleton 15 11 9 24 59
Standley Lake 9 22 11 10 52


Now the Gators await news on if they make the Class 4A state tournament (field of 32). Note that the Class 5A state tournament has a field of 52.

Thanks to Leslie Carman and Gyda Torbet with their help in bringing you these details.