New King Soopers SCRIP Program!

No more forgetting your card at home, in the car, or even in your wallet!

No more forgetting to load it before your purchase!

All you have to do is go online to and enroll your King Soopers card into the program! When it asks for a group or team, search for SLHS and there are 7 pages of choices! You should be able to find your favorite team or activity without a problem! Click on it and you’re done! Easy peazy!

One of the limitations to the new program is only one group per household, BUT, you can change your team/activity! Many families change their team support based on the season or the activity that their student is in. It’s based on the standard quarter (Jan.-Mar., Apr.-Jun., Jul.-Sep., Oct.-Dec.), so you could change every quarter if you wanted to.

To search for the category - SLHSBoosters;xxx (xxx=activity/sport) is what to look for (not StandleyLake...).

Yes, you can still have friends and relatives in other states support your student!

**NOTE: Albertsons/Safeway is still operated the “old-fashioned” way!**