Who: We are gator Alumni for all years.

What: Mentorship/peer to peer counseling/community program.  We want to be here for anything you may need and show you support as you go through high school.  You are not alone on this path.  We have walked these halls and sat in the same class rooms, we know what it's all about.  Ask us questions.

When: We have planned events within the school to make this year more fun and supportive.  We have several events each month. :)

Where: Right here in The Swamp!

We ALSO have a Facebook page with over 2000 Alumni ready to support and REACH out to you :)

REACH on Facebook! Find us!

Why: We want to REACH out to everyone here at Standley Lake in this time of need and show you that you are NOT alone in these tough years.  We support you in your academics, athletics, clubs, passions, hobbies, dreams, relationships, etc.  We do care about our current Gators, we're family and we are here to stay.  If you are graduating this year, you can help next year!  Ask us how.



Reach 2014

Adam Baca from REACH addresses the 2014 SLHS Academic Awards ceremony.