Your first Peach Fuzz Volleyball Match with the Gator Seniors vs. Juniors was held Monday November 4, 2019 in the Swamp.


This match was hosted by the SLHS Varsity Volleyball team who coached, refereed, and supported the event in a CAS fundraiser event bringing in canned food for donations for the SLHS Food Drive.

In the first set, the Seniors pulled ahead with athletic play, good blocks, attacks, and serves to take it 25-16.

In the second set, it was much closer, but the Seniors pulled ahead to defeat the Juniors 25-21.

In the third set, the Juniors surged on well placed hits to take it 25-23.

In the fourth set, the Seniors rallied for a 25-17 win to take the match.


The SLHS Volleyball team thanks all those who participated, supported, and attended the event.


Go Gators!