The SLHS ProStart Management Team consisiting of (Caitlyn Bailey '16, Lindsay McEwan '16, Mikayla Riggs '16, Jeffrey Sanchez '16, and Austin Rosendahl '16) competed at Nationals this week. Their Business Concept and Presentation of STACKED a Breakfast Restaurant in ProStartville took 3rd Place in the Nation. Watch next year as this team consists of all Juniors and will be returning the Program next year.

What a Great Year for the ProStart Program as Valerie Bailey was honored with ProStart Teacher of the year.


ProStart Nationals

The SLHS Pro Start Culinary Team & Managament Team competed at The State Championships on Friday. The Teams competed in two different compititions. The Culinary Team showed off their skills in the Kitchen cooking for a chance to earn a medal at the State Invitational they just missed the medal ceremonies.

The Management Team presented their concept of a New Restaurant Business Plan called STACKED where every dish is layered with flavor. The five man team took home the Gold and won the State Title for SLHS.


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