The Lake has been racking up honors this year.


The biggest story is that the Lake won the National Scholastic Press Association's Pacemaker Award in Washington D.C. at the National Journalism Conference. This is the highest national honor a high school publication can receive, and it's the first time The Lake has ever won it.  Hundreds of high school publications are judged to identify finalists and winners.  NSA judges are journalitis or other professionals in the media industry.

"This year's staff has won multiple awards and made SLHS the most award-winning high school newspaper in the state," said SLHS advisor Ben Reed.  "I've check the Pacemaker award records since 1993 and I found only seven other Colorado schools that have won that honor. I didn't find any JeffCo schools on the list in that time."

Easlier in the school year, the SLHS newspaper staff won 20 awards, including 11 first place awards, in the Colorado High School Press Association's Best of Colorado contest.

The Lake

Olivia Koontz '16, Tina Muscarelli '15, and Laurel Nordquist-Zukin '15 won Honorable Mention for Best Sports Story in the nation for their story "For the Love of the Game" published last year.

Best Sports Story

Aina Azlan '15 won Honorable Mention for Best Illustration in the nation for her drawings in the "(Not So) Safe and Sound" story from last year.

Best Illustration

(Source for excerpts and photos: The Lake's Facebook account)

Excerpted from the Yourhub of the Denver Post by Emily Leo, 12/1/16:


The Lake editorial staff was honored by 2 journalism organizations.

Last weekend in Indianapolis, The Lake staff was honored at the semiannual National High School Journalism Convention put on by the Journalism Education Association and National Scholastic Press Association (JEA/NSPA) as the only Colorado high school magazine nominated for the Pacemaker Award (akin to a student Pulitzer Prize). The basis for this includes careful critiquing for year-to-year consistency in style, quality, integrity, and eloquent defiance of the status quo. The Lake won its 1st Pacemaker Award in 2014.

The Lake's Co-editor-in-chief Esteban Arellano won 1st in the Magazine Spread/Page for "Stories From the Diner" (Mar. 2016), senior staff editor Meg Metzger-Seymour won 2nd in Illustration for "Are We Breeding Violence?" (Nov. 2015), and 8th in Diversity Story for "It's All In Your Head" (Mar. 2016) on stigmas from mental illness.

The Lake's advisor Lynn Schwartz who began in 2015-16 said "the skill of the staff members has grown tremendously since I have come along to work with everyone. I think [they care] care greatly about what they do and [create] something that is professional looking and shows good journalism."

Esteban Arellano said "one thing I love about The Lake is that we know what we are. We don't attempt to create a stuffy newsroom with stiff updates that students don't care about. Instead, we recognize that we ourselves are students and use that to our advantage. We begin letters with 'What's Up?' and we talk about memes, feminism, and school safety in a way that we ourselves would like to read. As a staff, we love what we do, and that comes through in the beautiful, simplae, and unique work that we creat."

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