Gator Cafe

Concessions at SLHS events are done by dedicated volunteers when available.

The menu options have varied over the years, somewhat dependent on the feedback provided.


Some of this year's options include: chili, pulled pork, tortellini, sloppy joes.


Any profits went to the sports whom the volunteered represented and/or the Standley Lake Athletic Boosters.


In previous years, we have had signups on our website.  This required anyone signing up to either be registered and given editor privileges or to contact someone who did.


This year, FCCLA and ProStart are creating additional menu items to make it more inviting and coordinate the background work to run the Gator Cafe.

You can click on the year you want for this...assuming we continue with this.


Tina Delisa-Bosse is the contact person for sign-ups. Her email is:


Thanks to all the volunteers at SLHS!