2014 Summer Planning Session

July 12, 2014 @ Dave & Busters



SLAB President, PJ Rosendahl, introduced himself and welcomed everyone.  He asked us to do likewise and give a top BIG Wish for SLHS for 2014/15:


In attendance:

    Adam Baca - REACH Alumni

    Ben Reed - The LAKE Newspaper

    Chaye Gutierrez – Editor, LAKE Newspaper

    Julie Gerleve - Volleyball

    Jim Rosser - Soccer (Boys & Girls)

    Cass Chatfield - SLHS Music Department

    Mike Manzanares – SLAB Board Member - Band Booster

          And Gator Gear Committee Chair

    Valerie and Patrick Baylie - FCCLA/Pro Start 

    Mike Willihnganz, SLAB Board member/Treasurer

    Russ Wosk – Wrestling

    Jamie Jimenez - Wrestling

   Carol Naranjo – Football and Team Rep Coordinator

    Lisa Durant – Boys Basketball

    PJ Rosendahl - Golf (Boys & Girls)

    Glenn Seberg – JITB Coordinator and Track / Cross country Rep

    Mike Brown – Booster Board/VP and Membership Chair

    Leo Paik – Boosters Website Coordinator

    Rick Gutierrez – Booster Past President


Dave & Buster’s –  Jennifer, the Events Coordinator and Jeff, the General Manager explained the ways that D&B wants to support SLHS:


·         Host team meetings, banquets, etc. as they have facilities for groups up to 225 and varied menu/ event packages for just about any event from meetings to banquets.

·         Allow SLAB to sell Power Cards at 50% ($5 for $10 or $10 for $20 – no activation fee)  This would not be a rebate – SLAB collects orders then pays for the cards at 50%, keeping the remainder.

·         Spirit Nights – Twice a month (total 18), D&B offers a 2-hour window in which 10% of ALL facility revenue (except alcohol sales) is given back to SLHS up to $500.  Most like Tuesday nights and they highly suggest 6:30-8:30.  (Note: This is for ALL patrons, not just those saying they’re there for SLHS.)  One Caveat:  for those under 18, a chaperone is needed at approximately 1 for 6 kids. 

·         D&B also has a corporate Positive Reinforcement Program and would like to know how they can help acknowledge appropriate SLHS students.


PJ noted that SLHS has already given permission for D&B to put a Spirit Night poster at the front entryway of the school with removable, updatable slots for Date and Host (ie, sport/activity) and D&B will do all that marketing /coordination for us.  Actual dates and final details still in the works.


Following their presentation, a drawing was held with Julie G. & Leo P. winning gift cards.


Other topics of Discussion:


FCCLA/ProStart/SLAB Partnership – The Indoor concessions operations for 2014/15 will be conducted as a FCCLA project to include a business plan, inventory and purchases, menu planning and appropriate food preparation.  Actual Staffing of the stand during events will remain the responsibility of SLAB with the same arrangement as previous years: “first come” team or activity to fill the schedule to work the event for $50.


Jog-in-the-Bog (JITB) – Glenn S gave a brief update on sponsorship work done to date.  A few items still in progress:


·         Getting Feeder schools involved.  Outreach efforts to date have concentrated on Principals and Front office staff.  Discussion on involving PTA and the PE Teachers.  Additionally, LINK and StuCo kids can promote at school in ways that adults simply can’t.

·         A project suggested by REACH – Collect the JITB Logos (shirt designs) from previous years – hopefully EVERY year.   A collage will be created for the front entryway, to also include acknowledgment from all years’ sponsors.  REACH will help solicit these designs.

·         Race Day Checkpoint events and on-field Activities:  There’s quite a lag in time from the ‘first-finishers’ and the event-end raffle.  Looking for ideas (such as hula-hoops mid-field, etc.)  Cass C. offered Karaoke.

·         Sponsors – Always welcome.  Any Sport/activity bringing in a new, cash sponsor gets a 40/60 split with SLAB on proceeds. (Contact Glenn or PJ on Sponsor details.)

·         Early Registration – New for 2014 – Race Day registration price will rise to $35 (from $25).  TWO pre-race pick-up days are being planned


REACH Alumni – In addition to supporting JITB, Adam B stated they are:


·         Preparing their own race – a Half-Marathon on Oct. 12th – starting at SLHS and ending at the NAAC (a 5K with shuttle to the NAAC is also being planned).  The Race will be donation based with a goal of raising $10,000 for student led projects (yet to be identified).


·         On Aug. 2nd, REACH has a call out to Alumni to meeting at the school to spruce up the landscaping – remove dead trees, upgrade flower beds, etc. and ending up with a party (would like to use the tents, coolers, grill, etc.)


·         Day Without Hate – As an original planner, Adam reported that the 2015 event continues to grow and the goal is to hold the event at a world-class venue – Red Rocks.  This upgrade will require additional fundraising and sponsors.


·         Donations available – A REACH alumni and current realtor has offered a donation to REACH for every house sold and REACH has received her first donation of $500.



The LAKE Newspaper – Ben R. and Chaye G noted that The LAKE was recently awarded All-American standing.  They are working the following:


·         In conjunction with JITB, the Lake will be hosting an ARC “Buck a Bag” donation drop-off.  Mike M offered the Band Storage Truck for use during the event and in transporting the donations back to ARC.


·         Producing The LAKE with the high quality now expected is costly.  Advertising Information was distributed.  The paper is produced six times a year and in addition to students and staff, approximately 2-3,000 people have accessed each edition online.


Music Department – Cass C (New Department Chair) – An opportunity has been presented to create a SLHS Alma Mater (different from the fight song).  The Composer is not only willing to release the song without royalty rights, but will also allow any arrangement or orchestration to be completed by others, obviously  greatly reducing the cost (The  music commissioned for the SLHS 20th anniversary cost approximately $10,000.)  A poetry contest will be held among the students to generate the lyrics for the piece.  Estimated cost is $700 - $1,000.   After an initial motion and second was made, the decision was to table further discussion until August on ways to cover this cost.


Membership – Mike Brown noted that he is taking this on and that the concept of Membership tied into scholarship has not been conveyed as it should.  He will be working on ways in making that more well-known.  He announced that the drawing held last year during the Fall Membership Drive would be re-instated for this Fall:  Four drawings for a Student Activity Pass (good for the entire year: $50 value).


Sports Physicals – will be available at SLHS on Thursday, July 31st for only $30, which amount will be fully returned to the SLHS Trainer’s program.


Sonic Card Fundraiser – Jim R. noted a contact with Sonic in which he has 500 coupon cards which can be sold (without cost) for full profit to the team that sells the cards.  If a program has interest in pursuing this, they should contact him.


Sponsors - - P.J. mentioned that increased work is ongoing for obtaining sponsorships from throughout our community.  It is important that all organizations at SLHS share that wealth and not take advantage of either our community businesses nor our parents.  For example, with the programs and activities his own son is involved in, a total of 17 fundraising events occurred last year and G’s Burritos mentioned being approached 2-3 times a month for donations.  Coordinating efforts and creating workable solutions to these situations will be a priority for the upcoming year.  



Along these lines, having instituted a 2nd large fundraising event with last April’s Spring Storm at the Swamp, SLAB’s goal is to eventually create a 3rd  large fundraising event, basically one for each sports season.

SLAB Membership Meeting Minutes

June 9, 2014




Meeting called to order:  7:10 pm


21 members and guests were present (Rick Gutierrez, Glen Seberg, PJ Rosendahl, Mike Willihnganz, Evette Shileny, Mike Manzanares, Rick Cruz, Elyce Jarvis, Gyda Torbet, Cindy Gutierrez, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Brown, Leo Paik, Rick Cruz, Adam Baca, Jami DelMonico, Kharynn France, Alyssa Torin Berge, Cass Chatfield, Katelyn Alipati, Lance Bethel, Deena Bethe).


Introductions and Greetings take place

·         Guests are offered the floor first to introduce their items.


Kaitlyn Alapati introduces – The Installation

·         Also called Duende – it is a Run, Walk Crawl ½ Marathon beginning at SLHS and ending at NAAC.  Since ‘Actions speak louder than words’ the start of the run will be silent.  This group wants to take advantage of our 501c3 for donations through REACH.  Boosters will be needed to support online credit card processing and donations and payment of vendors via REACH

·         Discussion held on race format vs. official course and who to invite and include in Installation


REACH – Adam and Jami

·         REACH is now on Twitter and everyone should follow them.

·         Day Without Hate for 2015 will take place at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

·         REACH is willing to support Duende for any needs they have

·         REACH will be hosting a ‘Clean Up Day’ at SLHS on August 2nd.  Boosters offered tents and coolers and music for those who participate


Cass Chatfield

·         Discussed the Choir and Band and Orchestra changes over the year

·         Would like to attempt to have live Gator Singers at every event where the National Anthem is required.  If her singers are not available, she would like to provide a recording of the Gator singers to be played instead of Whitney Houston

·         Proposes that SLAB change its name to reflect the broader role the organization has taken on.  Perhaps just Standley Lake Boosters


Approval of previous Minutes:

·         PJ motions to approve minutes provided from May Membership meeting.  Evette 2nds the motion.  Unanimous consent approves the motion to accept the minutes.  


Treasurer’s Report :

·         The current P&L and Balance sheet are distributed.  Rick explains how the booster accounting works.  Mike W is working with Nancy on transition 


Vice Presidents Report

·         Nothing of note report


Athletic Director Report (Jodi Reinhard):

·         Not present, no report


President’s Report (Rick Gutierrez):

·         Review Board elections during Membership meeting in May. Noted 8 members elected to Board and Mike Brown volunteered to fill 9th position.

·         PJ motions to fill vacant board position with Mike Brown.  Elyce seconds the motion.  Motion is approved an Mike B fills the spot.


Committee Reports:

·         Rick provides high level overview of the committees for those in attendance (time is running short)

·         Mike M volunteers to help Kharynn with Gator Gear

·         Mike B is willing to jump in on Membership



Jog-in-the-Bog Committee

·         Glenn Seberg provides update on JITB.

·         Artwork is selected and complete.

·         Plans to grow registration with addition of REACH and other clubs and organizations



New officer positions

·         Rick polls the Board Members who have expressed an interest in taking on officer rolls.  Members are nominated or volunteer for the following positions

o    President – PJ Rosendall

o    Vice President – Mike Manzanares

o    Vice President – Mike Brown

o    Secretary – Jennifer Lawrence

o    Treasurer – Mike Willihnganz 

·         Evette motions to approve the slate of officers who volunteer or were nominated as above.  Gyda Seconds the motion.  The motion passes and the new Officers are seated.




Adjournment:  9:05 pm