This is a repository for team representatives for each sport/activity.

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2014-15 Team Reps
Sport/Activity Ladies' Men's
Baseball N/A Sonja Maher/Mike Granado
Basketball Gyda Torbet Lisa Durant
Cheerleading Kevin Delohery N/A
Crosscountry Jennifer Lawrence Jeanne Mayer
Football N/A Elyce Jarvis
Golf Wendy Williams PJ Rosendahl
Gymnastics open N/A
Hockey N/A Dawn Carroll
Lacrosse N/A Mike Manzanares
Poms Jill Bumgardner N/A

Jim Rosser/Mike Granado

Jim Rosser
Softball Jeff Pierson N/A
Swimming Karen Waldman-Heetland Glenn Neubauer
Tennis Susan Hanson Sonja Maher
Track and Field Jeanne Mayer/Mike Manzanares Jeanne Mayer/Mike Manzanares
Volleyball Kim Winterfield N/A
Wrestling N/A Russ Wosk