This is a place to post some ideas to help people figure out what a team rep does and should feel comfortable doing.

1. The team rep can and should be the liason between SLAB and the players/coaches for the sport.
2. They can help request funds from SLAB for sanctioned purchases for the team.
3. They can help coaches understand what is a sanctionable purchase.
4. They can help with organizing that team's section of the website.
5. They can help by posting information for the team on the website, like articles, recaps, player/coach awards, photos, non-game events on the calendar, etc.
6. They help promote enthusiasm for the team by coordinating fund raising, activities, etc.
7. They can help coordinate with the school photographer to improve team photo selection, facilitate distribution of photos, notifying the photographer well in advance of the banquets of the event
8..... please add more