The Standley Lake Athletic Boosters has a key component of its mission to help fundraise for the various Gator sports, clubs, and activities to supplement the students in the drive towards excellence.  Over the years, this fundraising has taken on various methods and forms.


One of the biggest fundraisers has traditionally been the annual, Labor Day Jog-In-The-Bog.  This focal event brings a big part of the Standley Lake community together each year. This has helped to raise upwards of $6000 a year in a day of fun and run.  We owe a huge thanks to all the terrific sponsors over the years!!!

More recently, the King Soopers and Safeway Scrip program has helped to bring in now $14,000 + a year in a steady stream. This program has the potential to blossom into a major fundraising effort that could eclipse the need for multiple smaller fundraisers.  The various teams and activities have used creativity to bring in funds via golfball drops, cards sales, Cici's and Papa Murphy's pizza sales, Smart Cow fundraisers, Panda Express fundraisers, carwashes, volleyball tournaments, basketball shooting events, advertising in team programs, and most recently the Spring Storm.  The local business community has been so vital in keeping our efforts afloat.  Yet, it is certainly the entire Standley Lake community which brings this whole effort together into the success that it has been.


Thank you for your support!