This is probably one of the easiest and essentially free way to raise tremendous amount of money for your program/sport/activity/club.

Through King Soopers and Safeway, you can purchase food, gas, tickets, etc. and have 4% of your purchase go back to your program/sport/activity/club while 1% goes to the Standley Lake Athletic Boosters (for general distribution).  All you have to do is use a reloadable gift card obtained through the Boosters to accomplish this.

In the first year, the program brought in over $10,000.  In the 2nd year, it has grown.  This most recent annual number is ~$14K+!!!  Thank you, Pat Hale, for setting this up for the Gators!!!

You can even have relatives, friends, or neighbors do this at no cost to them.  Participating sister stores like Krogers will work, too.  You can even still earn your rewards through your credit cards!  Just load the card prior to your purchases with your credit card or cash, and then use your reloadable Scrip card to pay for your purchases at King Soopers and Safeway.

If you support multiple sports/activities/clubs, you can rotate your cards to distribute your monies as you wish.


See the individual card info for more details.


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