New King Soopers SCRIP Program!

No more forgetting your card at home, in the car, or even in your wallet!

No more forgetting to load it before your purchase!

All you have to do is go online to and enroll your King Soopers card into the program! When it asks for a group or team, search for SLHS and there are 7 pages of choices! You should be able to find your favorite team or activity without a problem! Click on it and you’re done! Easy peazy!

One of the limitations to the new program is only one group per household, BUT, you can change your team/activity! Many families change their team support based on the season or the activity that their student is in. It’s based on the standard quarter (Jan.-Mar., Apr.-Jun., Jul.-Sep., Oct.-Dec.), so you could change every quarter if you wanted to.

Yes, you can still have friends and relatives in other states support your student!

**NOTE: Albertsons/Safeway is still operated the “old-fashioned” way!**

Notice: this program is ending in its current form! The decision is King Soopers'. They will not reload these cards. We understand that each subgroup will need to have a coordinator (e.g. parent rep), and the fundraising will be through your King Sooper discount/reward card. You will be able to "manually" switch the club/activity/sport through the year. We understand that gas purchases will no longer work.

Boosters has launched a new fundraising program that could raise significant funds for our school at NO COST to the participants, and it's easy, too!  Everyone who shops at King Soopers should have a SLHS Boosters Reloadable scrip card.  With a reloadable card, you add money to your scrip card either at Customer Service as you enter the store or at the checkstand before your purchases are rung up by the cashier.  You then use the money you just added to the card to purchase your groceries. . . or gas!  Every time you add money to your card, King Soopers will give 5% of your purchase to SLHS Boosters.  Boosters will retain 1% in the Boosters General Fund.  You can designate which SLHS sport or activity gets the remaining 4%!  If you want more than one sport/activity to benefit from your purchases, you will need a separate card for each sport/activity.

Here's an example of how the reloadable program works:

You must first purchase a reloadable scrip card from Boosters for $2.50.  The card doesn't actually cost $2.50.  You receive a card that has a $2.50 value.  You take the card with you to King Soopers and fill your cart with your groceries.  When you reach the checkstand, BEFORE the cashier begins to ring your order, you ask the cashier to add $100 (or any other amount) to your card.  You can use cash, check or credit card to pay the $100.  The cashier rings up your purchases and you then pay for your groceries with your scrip card.  Your receipt will indicate the remaining balance on your card.  The next time you go to King Soopers, repeat the above procedure.  Every time you do this, SLHS Boosters will receive 5% of the amount you load on your scrip card.  That's $5 to Boosters for every $100 purchase.  At NO COST to you!  Using the numbers in this example, if you took your new $2.50 card to King Soopers and added $100 to it, you would have $102.50 available to spend.  If your groceries cost $71, the remaining balance on your card is $31.50.  There are no fees or other costs.  The full amount you put on the card is available for you to spend.

Note, you can ask for a suspended sale after they get you the cost of your items, and then you can load the card.

New: King Soopers is no longer allowing you to purchase gift cards with your KS Scrip card.  Sorry.

KS Scrip

(Photo: Pat Hale)

You can adapt these steps to fit your shopping preferences.  If you are only purchasing a few items, you should stop at Customer Service to load money on the card because it takes two minutes for the amount to be recorded on the card.  You don't want to hold up the checkout line!  Some people will add money to their card purchase-by-purchase, estimating that day's purchases and adding only that amount.  Others will decide on a set amount that they add to the card whenever it runs low.  You can add any amount from $2.50 to $500 each time you add to the card.  The card can be reloaded repeatedly for years. 

Ask your friends, family and neighbors to use a reloadable card.  The card will work at Kroger stores anywhere in the United States (including King Soopers, City Market, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, Fry's, Dillons, and many more stores), so friends and family on the Western Slope or in other states can easily participate.  Don't forget the King Soopers gasoline purchases, too.  When your kids have graduated from SLHS, keep using your reloadable card to continue helping the school.

Ray Wachsmann is a Booster volunteer member and the Scrip Program Coordinator for SLHS.  Ray will work with the administration and coaches to make scrip cards available to everyone in the SLHS community.  If you would like to get your reloadable card right away, please contact Ray via e-mail at Start earning funds for your child's sport/activity and the Boosters General Fund today!  This program is a great opportunity to raise funds for SLHS.  If only 100 families supported the program, with an average $100 per week on groceries and gasoline purchases, SLHS could earn up to $26,000 per year with NO COST.  All we need is your participation!

Thank you!