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The First Annual Spring Storm was a success on a beautiful Saturday! 

The Golf Ball Drop, in itself, was a particular success – especially for the following four winners!! 

Congratulations to:

Prize                         Ball   #            WINNER                                 Sport

$1000                         584            Wendy Williams                          Girls Golf

iPad                            1208         Faye Fenimore                             Boys Golf

Heritage Golf            1322         Erin Settje                                    The Lake

$50 Gator Gear         363           Elliot Becerra                       Baseball

If you missed the Drop, you can re-live the moment at

thanks to the great SLHS Broadcast team. 

We should have all tickets and golf balls counted and sorted by next Monday's Booter meeting

so come on down and join us for the results.  We will be in the LMC at 7PM 

So, TICKETHOLDERS!! - - take out those tickets and start checking numbers!  

If you see a matching number – You’re a winner!  

Contact  to coordinate the receipt of your prize!


#210077          One-day pass to WaterWorld

#208171          One-day pass to WaterWorld

#209218          Fat Cats gift card

#210003          Cold Stone Coupons of Freebies


#207802          $10 Cold Stone Gift Card

#210760          Cold Stone Coupons of Freebies

#209314          $50 Rock Bottom gift card

#210932          $50 Rock Bottom gift card

#210379          Taco Bell gift Card


#210583          One-day pass to WaterWorld

#209985          One-day pass to WaterWorld

#209990          Fat Cats Gift Card

#210695          Cold Stone Coupons of Freebies

GOLF (Each wins a round of golf at Heritage):

#210630 (Shane Stalter)

#210044 (Mason Carpentier)

#210437 (Adam Baca)

#208160 (Stenn Newbauer)

#204789 (Ron Rosa, Sr)

#209211 (Mike Willihugay)

#204335 (Jada Walker)

#209491 (Trenton Wilson)


12 and Over-

-  Massage Envy-  Michelle Ontiveros

-  $25 G’s certificate- Adam Baca

8-11 year olds-

-  Alex Burk- $25 Certificate to Sports Authority

Under 8-

-  Ryan Michaelicek-  Cold Stone

-  Baylee Meyers- Cold Stone

-  Isaiah Gelo- Cold Stone

-  Morgan Pierson- Cold Stone

BASEBALL – Home Run Derby:

First Place:     Chad Povich

Second Place: Troy Owen

Third Place:    Drew Jackson

Finally, a HUGE thank you for all those who showed up to run Activities, put up and take down canopies, sell tickets and otherwise keep us somewhat coordinated!   Unknown to you, we had a drawing for Volunteers, too!  Contact us to collect your prizes:

            Carole Marx

            Jeff Pierson