From the Combined Academic and Athletic Awards Ceremony Slideshow - May 18, 2020


Shaylee Bach -AWRSAY Scholarship

Caleb Baker - Univ. of CO Scholarship

Pearce Bowden - -AWRSAY Scholarship

Sawyer Bundgaard - Semper Elem. Scholarship, SLAB Scholarship

Hunter Cyprian -AWRSAY Scholarship 

Kayelee Duff -AWRSAY Scholarship 

Hallie Hodson -AWRSAY Scholarship

Katie Keating - Air Force Academy Scholarship/Appointment

Hailey Lahue - Lukas Elem. Scholarship

Nicholas Lewis -AWRSAY Scholarship

Chloe Lingen -AWRSAY Scholarship

Ariah McClelland -AWRSAY Scholarship 

Aneisha Morris -AWRSAY Scholarship

Keaton Miller - Semper Elem. Scholarship

Erin Paik - SLAB Scholarship

Kaitlyn Pierce - SLAB Scholarship

Taylor Rendquist - Sheridan Green Elem. Scholarship

Abigail Salamera - Betty Adams Elem. Scholarship, Mandalay Middle School Scholarship

Aspen Tolman - SLAB Scholarship

Jacob VerMeer - Ryan Elem. Scholarship

Amy Yan - Boettcher/Coca Colar Scholarship


Obviously, this is not a complete list of scholarships. These are those announced via this slide show which is viewable here:


Collectively, the class of 2020 has earned $4,664,660.00 in athletic and academic scholarships!