2020-21 Standley Lake Boosters Club (SLAB) Scholarships

For the academic year 2020-21, the Standley Lake Boosters are pleased to offer four $500 scholarships that will be awarded to graduating SLHS students.

Applications must be submitted to the SLHS office by the 5pm on Thursday May 7, 2021 (amended) in the SLAB mailbox at SLHS or to slhs.boosters@gmail.com. The scholarship recipients will be announced at the Academic and Athletic Awards Ceremony on Monday May 17, 2021 at 7pm.

The contact person and committee chair is Tania Morrison (using the email slhs.boosters@gmail.com or texting 720-581-3752) for any questions.

The applicant must be a Standley Lake High School graduating student, be a member of SLAB*, and must submit the following information :

1) Your name & contact information (phone numbers and address).
2) The institution you plan to attend next year and planned major.
3) Activity and/or sport(s) involvement while a student at Standley Lake High school, including any activity and/or athletic awards and activity and/or athletic achievements.
4) A summary of academic awards, academic achievements, and any other awards along with current weighted and unweighted grade point averages.
5) A list of community service involvement.
6) The applicant should submit the above along with a brief essay on how participation in activities and/or athletics has prepared you for the future or how Standley Lake High School has prepared you for your future.

You can visit the standleylakeboosters.com website download section for an electronic version.

*SLAB membership is obtained by paying the annual membership fee of $20 for the 2020-21 school year. All household members are covered under a single household membership. All membership dues are utilized for these scholarships.